Thursday, February 29, 2024


RFK Jr. backs Rand Paul for Senate GOP Majority Leader.  Of course it will never happen, but interesting.



Glen Filthie said...

Isn’t he a gun grabber though?

HMS Defiant said...

I think it would be very interesting and what could it hurt? He is untouchable and could cheerfully roast and serve the entire government boondoggle. I'd be fine with that. There really is nothing left to conserve anymore so we might as well enjoy the decline.

Borepatch said...

Glen, yeah I think he is. But he's interesting.

So's Tulsi Gabbard - gun grabber and interesting.

Plague Monk said...

From what I've observed of him(and his father) over the years, he's a strong proponent of the RKBA. I don't agree with him on a few other issues, but he is solid on the 2nd Amendment, even though he is not a big NRA fan.

There's no way that the Senate Repubs would allow him to become majority leader.

As to Gabbard, well, I don't believe that she's become pro-gun, despite her participation in that shooting event. She belongs staked out on a fire ant mound IMNSHO.

Plague Monk said...

David Codrea over at War on Guns likes Rand Paul's stance:

We could do a lot worse than Mr. Paul, but Trump himself is not really very good on the RKBA front, nor many others.