Wednesday, September 22, 2021


Yargb has a bunch of paintings of battles.  I expect a bunch of all y'all will appreciate them.  I'd add the famous mosaic of Alexander the Great at Pompeii to it.

T-Bolt explains why we don't have passenger trains in this country, and why we have the world's best freight rail system.

Robert Graham on how not to get caught in the Fed's Geofence requests to the courts.  This is good info on how to reduce your susceptibility to cell phone tracking by the Fed.Gov.

It seems that the FBI had the decryption key to some pretty nasty ransomeware that hit a lot of companies, but kept it secret because they had some sort of "operation" going on.  Thanks a million, guys.


Bob said...

Salvidor Dali's Battle of Tetuan is a good one.

Unknown said...

When I worked an engineering designer contract at a major train brake supplier, one of my last assignments was to create 3D CAD solid models of brass parts. These parts had first been built in the 1870s and 1880s, and the drawings were, shall we say, primitive by modern standards.
The lead engineer told me that several RRs still used these parts, as cumbersome and awkward to use as they were.
At least no US RRs still use brakemen, but the company still had(as of 2010) a strong business selling parts for third world countries that still employed brakemen.