Friday, September 10, 2021

Quote of the Day - Everything They Have Told You Is A Lie edition

This post by Adam Piggott is simply unimprovable.  RTWT, but this is a taste:

And really, they’re just profiting off modern man’s shallow desire to live just one more day no matter what the cost. That’s why they’re trying to jab 12 year olds with this toxic crap so the old fucks can live just one more day, it’s all I’ve got, hey, did you see my boat and my Porsche and the ski lodge?

Everything they have told you is a lie. Don’t take their pills, don’t take their jabs, don’t follow their dietary recommendations, don’t do their exercise routines, don’t take 0.7 glasses of wine per day while you have your 1.2 kids, don’t listen to their music recommendations, or their reading material, or watch their evil films, don’t do any of it. Don’t be a boring shitless bastard that does just what he’s told and then has the sheer stupidity to try and lecture those of us who haven’t fallen for the crap and are trying with some very small success to wake you all the fuck up.



Goober said...

I agree with everything he said, with one exception:

The vaccines aren't "toxic". Everybody seems to be claiming this, but it's just simply not true. They're vaccines. We've all taken vaccines. There's nothing more "toxic" about them than any other.

The people that convinced me to take the vaccine, and every vaccine I've taken up until this point in my life (of which I've had literally dozens), have all been doctors, not the government. I trust them.

The government, on the other hand, has come by all this vaccine hesitancy, and the COVID conspiracies, and so on and so forth, quite honestly. Or rather, dishonestly.

They've been lying out their asses, and playing political games with us, since day one. They've demonstrated that they can't be trusted. Anthony Fauci is on record having admitted to lying to us. He said he did it for our best interest, but that's just fucking insulting. He expects us to trust that he's telling the truth now, because he says he is, but we all know he's lied to us before, because he's flat out admitted to it, so how do we know he's not lying now?

I watched a master cut of all the major dems saying that they wouldn't take the vax last year, when Donald Trump was president. Pelosi, Biden, Cuomo, MSM reporters... all of them saying there hasn't been enough research and testing, that they don't trust Trump, etc. But Now that Biden is President, it's 100% safe and effective? That's them playing obvious politics with our lives, and to be quite frank, I don't trust a single one of them, because they're lying! They want the next election, not our health and well being. They don't give two hot shits about us, beyond who we choose to vote for. They'll say whatever is politically expedient at the moment, and I have no doubt that if a republican sat in the Oval Office, they would all be heading up the anti-vax movement, to a man.

Now they act shocked - SHOCKED I tell you - when people don't trust them anymore, and search for alternative sources of information (even when those alt sources are blatantly incorrect, and often even more so when they are, because they are saying the opposite of what the established liars are saying).

So, this is me saying: don't trust the government. I agree. Screw them. They've earned our distrust. But maybe trust your doctor. Maybe trust the medical professionals, world-wide, that say that vaccinating is the best way to stop playing 'fuck around and find out" with a dangerous SARS virus.

It worked for polio, smallpox, chickenpox, and a list of half a hundred other diseases that we simply don't have to worry about anymore, because vaccines allowed us to achieve herd immunity.

ambisinistral said...

"It worked for polio, smallpox, chickenpox, and a list of half a hundred other diseases that we simply don't have to worry about anymore, because vaccines allowed us to achieve herd immunity."

The problem is this is a vaccination for a flu, or more properly a respiratory ailment similar to the flu, and they are harder to vaccinate against because they mutate faster. On the positive side, it is, in terms of natural selection, not beneficial for a virus to kill its host, so they tend to evolve into being much more benign over time. In the end viruses want a symbiotic relationship with their host.

The C.S. Lewis book, Lives of a Cell, Notes of a Biology Watcher, is an interesting look at life at a cellular among other things.

Goober said...

Furthermore, were i president, my address would have been as follows:

"My fellow Americans. Starting in January of this year, after a remarkable effort to roll out a new vaccine and make it available for every American, started by my predecessor, and supported by my Administration since, we have achieved our goal: we have made a vaccine available, free of charge, to every American. Some Americans have chosen to not take the vaccine, in spite of it being made available to them. There is no longer any person in this great country who can say that they haven't had the chance to get one.

The benefits of the vaccine are clear. Your chances of getting COVID are reduced measurably, and if you do get COVID after getting vaccinated, the chances that you will become severely ill are reduced drastically. I would encourage every American that is eligible to get a vaccine, who has not done so, to get one at your earliest chance to do so.

However, any person who has not as of yet gotten a vaccine, has done so by their own choice; a choice that I disagree with, but must respect as the choice of a free, sovereign adult, in a country that values freedom and personal choice and responsibility above all things. Given that reality, it is no longer fair to the people who have chosen to do the right thing and get vaccinated, that those who chose not to are causing their lives to still be on hold, restricted, and their rights and freedoms curtailed. The people who chose to not vaccinate made a personal decision for themselves, and it is unconscionable that we should allow them to choose for everyone else that our country should remain shut down, our economy on the brink, and our freedoms on hold, to protect them from this virus, simply because of their personal choice.

I have therefore decided that as of X day, all restrictions, mandates, and curtailments aassociated w ith COVDID 19 are revoked in full, and all emergency powers enacted and held by the government to control this pandemic are now void.

This is a hard decision to make , because so many remain unvaccinated, and it is almost a certainty that many of our unvaccinated bretheren will die as a result of this pandemic. We've given them to tools to fight it, they've chosen not to take them, and we can no longer justify the emergency rules to protect them from a decision that they've made.

I urge you all to encourage your loved ones to get vaccinated, but also to understand that they've been given that option, and we can no longer afford to continue protecting them from their own decisions. Those of us that made the right choice want to go back to our lives. Your choice should not restrict us from that.

That is all.

B P said...

The dictionary definition of vaccine was changed after Biden took office. J&J is a vaccine. The others are inoculations. Weight the tried and true vaccines accordingly.

Goober said...

ambisinistral, I agree with what you said, and you're correct. To say that we could ever achieve what we did with Smallpx, for instance, with a disease like COVID is probably unrealistic. I should have been more clear on that.

B P - by the dictionary definition, you're correct. A vaccine contains the entire dead or weakened virus, whereas the mRNA shots only contain the information on creating a facsimile of the spike protein portion of the COVID virus. Of course, the HOPE is that the result will be the same - the creations of antibodies that will mistake the COVID spike protein for the spike protein the mRNA created and destroy it. Time will tell if that is as effective a way of doing things.

To be honest, I'm somewhat afraid that the experience in Israel right now is showing that it won't be as effective, because vaccinated people are still getting sick. However, my hope is that the data holds out on the claim that they aren't getting as sick, and that deaths in vaccinated individuals remain rare. At that point, if that holds out, I am of the opinion that that is good enough. We have dealt with severe respiratory infections before. As long as COVID isn't killing millions of people anymore, and it's just giving people a bad flu, then I see no reason to worry about it anymore.

I'd really, really be interested in some data showing how J&J is holding up as compared to mRNA vax's, since by my understanding, J&J is more like a traditional vaccine. However, sadly, I don't think that data is available, nor am I aware that there's any concerted effort to actually gather that data.

riverrider said...

novavax is the only "traditional" vaccine for covid, and the fda is dragging its feet approving it. j&j have been convicted of lieing on multiple occasions,i don't trust them to make soap anymore. goober, you need to look up the vaer, its the vax adverse reaction reporting site.

Glen Filthie said...

Oh bullshit, Goober. The guys giving you those stats can’t distinguish between a drowning or a Covid death. There numbers are shite, so yours will be too, or at best, an educated guess. I can prove this virus is not the pandemic killer they said it was. I can prove that masks don’t work. I can prove that social distancing is a crock. I can prove that you can get the vax, and still get Covid and pass it on. I can prove it causes blood clotting and menstrual problems in women that react to it. Good grief - that stupid bastard in the Oval Office is yammering and slurring about how the unvaccinated will infect the folks that got the jab! Clearly that idiot has no idea how vaccines work. The idiots that voted for him have no clue how stats work.

At best, this thing is a placebo for stupid people. At worst - it could trigger a civil war. I don’t want morons like Biden or Trudeau thinking they can inject me with anything they want and may use violence if they want to get stupid about it.