Saturday, July 7, 2018

Wes Cook Band - I Stand For the Flag

The Wes Cook Band is an up and coming young country band who last week found themselves thrust into the limelight in an unexpected way.  Their new patriotic song was banned by Facebook:
Members of a Nashville band claim Facebook is censoring its newest patriotic music video, claiming it is political in nature. 
The Wes Cook Band posted to its Facebook fan page that they tried to promote their latest music video, "I Stand For The Flag" with advertisements on Facebook. However, the band claims it was denied the opportunity to pay to promote the video for the Independence Day holiday. The group said Facebook claimed the video was political in nature. 
"Our paid FB ads were denied and our reach thereby censored because this video contains 'political content.'
Whoops.  After nation wide headlines, Facebook backed down:
Facebook has said it made an error after preventing the Nashville, Tennessee-based country band Wes Cook Band from advertising a new song because it was deemed political content.
It's always nice when someone who was wrong admits it. But we're all thinking the same thing, aren't we?
"It has to do with a level of political bias we feel that Facebook has within their algorithms," the band's fiddle player, Nathan Stoops, told Fox News.

"You know those are the tools that they use to determine whether content fits within certain parameters on their site, and if those algorithms are programmed to reject content like 'I Stand for the Flag,' then I think that would give a lot of Americans the right to be offended by that level of bias within a company that purports itself to be politically neutral."
Hard to argue with that.
On Friday morning, Facebook acknowledged that an "error" had occurred and said it was working to improve its policies.
Doubtless it will be a more subtle anti-American bias.  But baby steps.


Ken said...

Had it been "I Stand On the Flag," no problemo.

Borepatch said...

Ken, LOL

Master Doh-San said...

Isn't it odd how these """errors""" only go in one direction?

Fred said...

"more subtle anti-American bias"

What appreciation of, or loyalty to, America is to be expected from a couple thousand H1B visa holding employees?