Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Government is what we choose to do together

County forces 91 year old woman to tear down her wheelchair ramp:
LAUREL, Md. (ABC7) — Prince George’s County filed a legal case against a Laurel couple in their 90s over a wheelchair ramp in their own home. To avoid legal trouble, the elderly couple’s son tore down the ramp, trapping the woman in her own home. The county permitting department said the family had no permit to build a wheelchair ramp in front of their own home.
Let's count the stupidity:
  1. The County thinks that a 90 year old needs their permission to build a wheel chair ramp that allows them to leave their home.
  2. The County threatens to jail a 90 year old couple if they don't tear down what is essentially a fire exit.
  3. The inspector did not find any deficiencies in the ramp itself, but forced the 90 year old couple to tear it down and restart the process because it was the process.
I can't wait until these buffoons control our healthcare.  Oh, and remember this about Paul Ryan?

Who do you think the Prince Georges County Inspector votes for, Democrats or Republicans?


Raptor said...

See, sh*t like this is why tarring and feathering of politicians and bureaucrats needs to come back into fashion.

ProudHillbilly said...

This is one reason I live in WV. That and the older I get the more I'm likely to not give a rat's rear end and get homest with people.

EricN said...

Don't you now live in the unfree state of MD?

Borepatch said...

EricN, alas yes. Although I like to say that I live in the United States of America portion of Maryland.

Which seems to get smaller each year.

McChuck said...

For those who don't live near here: PG County, MD is a hellhole adjacent to the worst parts of Washington, DC. It's got 900,000 people, is 2/3 black and 1/6 Latino. They can't keep a hospital in business. 1/5 households are single mothers. 1/5 of murders in MD occur in PG County.

It reliably votes Democrat, of course.