Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Background on the printed pistols the Department of Justice just caved on

The big news in the shooting community is that the DoJ has caved on trying to restrict the dissemination of 3D printed firearms designs.  For those who are interested, here are some old posts that provide some background on this.

When I ran across one of these, and their creator at a security conference.  Interestingly, the Feds seem cooler with the technology than local politicians or law enforcement.

The futility of trying to keep the designs off the 'net.  You'd think that people would understand this by now, but people who groove on controlling other people have to try.

What was the underlying law (ITAR) all about anyway?  There's quite a history of this, and it shouldn't give confidence to the gun controllers.

The comments are all good in these posts as well.  If you want to know more about the issue than a lot of people (and more than 99% of the media and gun grabbers - but I repeat myself) then you might want to give these a read.

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Jerry said...

I figured the PGP method was the easiest way to kill off this nonsense. You may recall that the person who programmed PGP resorted to printing the code into a book then mailing the book to a friend in England.

Someone could draw up a sense of plans for the Liberators. Inclep a chapter with the 3-D file printed in text then mail a copy to a friend in say Switzerland.