Wednesday, July 25, 2018

It takes 5 seconds to install a credit card skimmer

Skimmers are devices that crooks put over point of sale terminals (or - sometimes - ATMs) to steal your credit card number.  Worse, they can steal your ATM PIN number if you use the card as a debit card.

It's astonishingly quick for the Bad Guys to install these things.  Watch:

One guy distracts the clerk and the other does the dirty deed.  Yikes.

I posted a couple years back on how to spot one of these, and it's worth reading if you didn't see it then.

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Will said...

If they're not busy, I try to mention these things to the clerk. The majority of them have no clue about checking the reader for overlays. Totally oblivious on the subject. The managers/owners are not doing their job properly. Maybe if the cost of customer reimbursement came out of their own pocket?