Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The Dogs of War vs. ISIS Jihadis

Dog 1, ISIS 0:
The hero Alsatian was accompanying the troops on a training exercise in the north of the country when their convoy of four vehicles came under fire from extremist militants.

One of the SAS cars was destroyed by a homemade bomb and the outnumbered forces were forced to split up and take cover.

With the ISIS fighters pinning the British troops down using two heavy mounted machine guns, an American soldier who was with the group released the snarling dog.
That's like opening a can of whoop-ass, only furrier.
It charged at the attackers, dodging bullets before taking down one of the jihadis and ripping his neck and face.

It then turned its attention to another extremist, savaging his arms and legs in a frenzied assault.

The jihadis, who are thought to have never seen an Alsatian before, fled the scene screaming, allowing the SAS team to call in air support.
Good dog.
The team then made their way to safety with the dog, who is now being treated by the troops as a hero.
Ya think? Bravo Zulu Kilo Niner.
"A snarling Alsatian running at you is very frightening and probably not something the jihadis had encountered.

"The dog did its job and returned to its handler worth its tail wagging."
This made me laugh out loud.  I can just imagine what the dog was thinking in his doggie brain.  Didja see what I did?  Didja?  Didja?  Can I do it again?  At least, that's what Wolfgang would be thinking.

This moment of awesome is brought to you by a heads up from the Queen Of The World, who knows a thing or two about German Shepherds.


Old NFO said...

Outstanding! :-)

Mad Jack said...

I can just see that dog coming back, and the troops' reaction. Good dog! Good dog! Best dog ever! How about a nice doggie snack?

Then you've got the damned towel heads, all of whom think dogs are unclean anyway.

Beans said...

The flip side of this is that ISIS and Taliwhatever troops who have met dogs before specifically target the dogs, knowing how the death and injury of the dog affects the troopers.

NatGeo had a mini-series on the war dogs (sorry, can't find it now easily) that showed a towliban tossing a grenade over a wall at a dog to purposely take the dog out. (Half the Americans freaked out and almost went beserk, the other half looked crushed.)

But, yeah, War Dogs rock.