Tuesday, January 17, 2017

MIT Wizz Kid: his "Smart" gun design is "relatively reliable"

Buried deep in a glowing review of MIT freshman Kai Kloepfer's "Smart gun" startup, the reporter unexpectedly stumbles onto why this has for decades been a technology in search of a buyer:
“Good intentions don’t necessarily make good inventions,” said Stephen Sanetti, president of the National Shooting Sports Foundation. They’re the main trade group for companies that make and sell guns.

Sanetti expressed concern about the reliability of any firearm that depends on battery power.

“The firearm has to work. And a firearm is not the same as a cell phone,” Sanetti said. “The consequences of a cell phone not working are inconvenience. The consequences of a firearm not working could be someone’s life.” 
Kloepfer said his gun is “relatively reliable.” 
“I know, like, when I’m using it, when I’m testing it, it functions almost every single time,” Kloepfer said.

But not every time, as we saw firsthand when Kloepfer’s prototype -- a modified Glock .22 – failed. 
Other than the minor detail of the gun not working, this solution is awesome.

The only thing new about this is that CBS News is reporting both sides of the debate.  But Mr. Kloepfer scored a sweet $50,000 to dust this idiocy off.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Dove has some interesting comments relating to this sort of thing on pages 25 and 26 of this book:


Bob Tamewitz said...

I wonder if it uses a battery similar to the one in the Galaxy 7 phone. It would be hilarious to see it catch on fire and light off a whole magazine full while someone has it tucked in the front of his pants.............

Old NFO said...

Sigh... He misses the whole point of a gun!

Borepatch said...

knirirr, that's a VERY old copyright for a book discussing revolvers

Ted said...

In case you are wondering ...... no. The MIT campus is not a "Gun Free Zone".

....... and even though Cambridge has declared itself a ""Nuclear Free Zone". MIT isn't that either. ( the same for the red school up the street )