Thursday, January 12, 2017

4 reasons why Americans don't ride public transit

Good series over at the Antiplanner blog:

It's slow.

It doesn't go where you want to go.

It's expensive.

Lack of privacy and security.


B said...

And, for a significant number of us, we need a car to GET to the Public Transit.

Feather Blade said...

I would use public transit if my car were broken, and it's was too snowy to ride a bike, but really, my city's small enough that to get from anywhere to anywhere, door to door, the speed of a car is approximately the same as the speed of a bike, and the speed of public transit is approximately the same as the speed of walking.

Rich P said...

Also, they won't let me put my rifle in the trunk.

Richard said...

As to security, most of the places with highly developed transit systems (NYC, SF, DC, Boston) have largely disarmed their citizens, though not the criminals, of course. This makes the security problem even worse.

B said...

then there is stuff like this:

THis NEVER happened when the train line was a private that it is Public Transportation service SUCKS.

5 hours...over a 1/4"(or less) of ice.

Guffaw in AZ said...

I can make sense, sometime, in a confined region, like San Francisco.
Buses or trolleys every 5 minutes, and the city is 9 miles across.
Manhattan is 13 miles long.
MY town (Phoenix "the Valley of the Sun") is more than 6X the width, and involves multiple (sometimes feuding) municipalities.

Obviously, not not for everywhere.


Kristophr said...

We already have a mass transit system.

It's called the automobile.

azmountaintroll said...

Mass transit is impractical if you're hauling any amount of cargo (anything that won't fit in a briefcase or backpack). Good luck getting your groceries home on the bus!