Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Another passes

Another World War II veteran joins the final muster:
During World War II, Lt. Col Masters flew 28 B-17 bombing missions and 25 fighter scout missions, in which he flew a P-51 fighter plane to scout targets for bombers. He flew for the 551st Squadron of the 8th Army Air Corps and the 385th Bomb Group. He reached the rank of lieutenant colonel and was awarded numerous medals for his service in the war which include the Distinguished Flying Cross, Silver Star, and the French Legion of Honor medal. 

After the war, he returned to his native California and entered medical school at Stanford University. Dr. Masters moved to Athens in the early 1970’s and helped form the women’s clinic at UGA. He retired from UGA in the mid 1990’s and then continued to work part time for the nest 10 years for the Clark County Health Department.
That's quite a man.  Rest in peace.


juvat said...

Rest in Peace, Colonel.

Guffaw in AZ said...

RIP, Sir!


Old NFO said...

RIP, knowing we are coming back on track... Your legacy will live on in the students you trained!

drjim said...

RIP, sir.