Monday, March 28, 2016

Your moment of Zen

Southport, N.C.  A lovely little town, although the property values are approaching the absurd.


Old NFO said...

The only problem is the 'monied' folks will come in and screw it up with their values (e.g. money buys everything)... Sigh

Dan said...

My in-laws lived there.

Bob said...

You can watch live webcams from Southport (as well as other NC/SC area beaches here.

The famous Cedar Bench that Robert Ruark wrote of in The Old Man and the Boy can be seen in the Southport #2 webcam.

Southport, unfortunately, is becoming part of the Myrtle Beach megabeach complex. I tend to look further east for my own NC beach experiences now. Atlantic Beach, NC is a favorite.