Friday, March 18, 2016

Why security is hard, redux

Le sigh:
The [Home Depot] was accused of having ignored warnings from its security staff that its anti-virus software had not been updated for over seven years, and it was discovered that ineffective password security had allowed hackers to plant information-stealing malware on sales terminals.
From the agreement in the class action suit against the company.  They'll pay around $20M, almost half of which will go to the lawyers.

Damn, I picked the wrong field.

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Chris Byrne said...

If I weren't in the middle of cancer treatment right now, I'd be working 80+ hours a week.

I get a half dozen serious solicitations a day, and another dozen timewasters.

... it's killing me not being able to work... Literally... boredom, plus can't pay the bills for cancer treatment never mind little things like... you know... rent, and food...

But hey... I'm waking up every day, and that's better than the alternative.