Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Donald Trump: trolling the left, Alinsky style?

By choosing to hold a rally at UIC, Trump knew that he could get his enemy to demonstrate who they are and what tactics they prefer. It does not make him responsible for what they chose to do. And what he ultimately chose to do was prevent violence, not promote it.

Trump was pushing a negative so hard it became a positive and allowed him to ridicule his opposition. BLM, OWS and SJWs are being turned into the Bull Connor of the 21st century by their own actions. Trump is just giving them the opportunity to reveal themselves. Then he makes them live by their own rules. On Hardball:

MATTHEWS: When you set up rally in Chicago where it’s mostly Hispanic and blacks, you knew there would be a lot of people that have the time to come out and protest your situation. It was no surprise here, was there in what happened? Given the venue of your event, TRUMP: It shouldn’t matter. You’re the first one to say it. It shouldn’t matter whether it was whoever lives in the city. It shouldn’t make a difference. Whether it’s white, black, Hispanic, it shouldn’t matter.
MATTHEWS: They don’t like what you’re saying. They don’t like what you’re saying.
TRUMP: We shouldn’t be restricted from having rally here because of ethnic make up or anything like that. I’m somebody that feels strongly it shouldn’t make any difference. You usually feel that too. I’m surprised you’re bringing this up because it shouldn’t matter,
Do you believe those were spontaneous responses?
Like I said, hmmm.  Trump has been a master of communicating on an emotional level with voters (for better or worse).  The Establishment has been oscillating between the egghead cerebral and the hysterical name calling.

This could be battlefield preparation in action.  I guess we'll see.

I have no idea whether the coming Trump Administration will be good for the Republic or not, but it's starting to look inevitable.  Still, there's a craftsmanship to his campaign that is not just impressive, but sometimes fun to watch.  Epic troll is epic.


matism said...

The steaming turds are floating about the top of the bowl, and they will continue to do so right up until the toilet is flushed. There is only ONE candidate who might have the courage to pull that handle.

Trump is NOT the Messiah. He is human, and has his own faults and foibles. However, he towers head and shoulders over the REST of the field, from EITHER party. He will not be able to right this country in one term, or even two. It took a LONG time to grind us down to where we are now. But he can make a good start. The most crucial act for him, though, would be to make sure his successor is also a decent human being. That is where President Reagan failed most spectacularly. Shrub I had NOT changed from the NWO filthy lying POS who campaigned against Reagan in 1980. And this country has gone downhill ever since.

burt said...

Trump is first and foremost a salesman. That's what he does. And he's also a corporate exec - a CEO. Put them together and you have someone who will use bluster and exaggeration to bring himself the most attention - and then use that attention to gain the biggest advantage.

Always negotiate from a position of strength. Trump may not be the wisest or most astute candidate in the field, but he is - without doubt - the strongest. The other candidates have complained about the inordinate amount of coverage Trump gets on the evening news, where time is at a premium. They're right: they're receiving less coverage than Trump. But that's because Trump pushed Trump to the front of the stage where Trump can set the agenda.

He's a heck of a salesman.

We'll eventually find out whether he will be a heck of a president.

(No, I'm not a Trumpie. I'm merely a pragmatist. And at this point, Trump has more momentum than anyone else in the race - on EITHER side.)