Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Cthulhu 2016

OK, here's a candidate I might be able to get behind.

The web site is an absolute hoot - it has that "real candidate" smell to it - you know, the one that comes in a can with the K Street Lobbyist.  And there's a platform that I can whole heartedly endorse:
There is no special interest or issue too small for Cthulhu to fix. If puppies are being abused, Cthulhu will ensure puppy abusers will meet their end. If vegans are protesting your rendered meat product, vegans will become rendered meat product.
Mmmmm, vegans!

And like another front running candidate, he had a Reality Show, too:


james said...

Heh heh... it's for real, too!

Ratus said...

I'm in the SMOD/Cthulhu 2016 camp.

Archer said...

Cthulhu 2016

Why settle for the lesser of two evils?


Eric Wilner said...

Cthulhu snackbar?
...the world is Cthulhu's snackbar!
Durka durka Cthulhu wgah'nagl fhtagn!