Thursday, February 25, 2016

Why Trump will win the election

Seen in the comments at Althouse:
It's over. Trump is the nominee. For those Repubs who despair at this, consider: last night 75,000 Republicans voted in the Nevada caucus. That's up from 30,00 in 2012. More importantly, it's about 6 times as many as Democrats voted in last week's Democratic caucus. 13,000 Dems went to the polls in a hotly contested Sanders-Clinton race. 13,000 vs. 75,000.

This same turnout story has happened in all four primaries/caucuses.

Donald J. Trump is our next president. Deal with it, America. You too, world.
Six times the turnout.  Think about that, and you will feel the icy weight of inevitability.  And this is as a good an explanation for that turnout as I've heard, from a commenter who seems pretty liberal:
We're all tired of jackasses braying about their incredible intellects and telling us they deserve to rule us.

We've seen what rule by Goldman Sachs and Simpson Thatcher looks like. It looks like a lot of high IQ jackasses stealing everything they can get their hands on. While simultaneously lecturing us on our stupidity and racism.

There is something primal that has been unleashed.  I have no idea whether Trump will make a good President, but it sure looks like we're fixin' to find out.


Tom Lindsay said...

When Trump first announced his candidacy, I looked at his history and concluded he had gotten in the GOP race as a favor to his friends, the Clintons. Basically, his plan was to act as childish and outrageous as he possibly could (in other words, be Trump), and embarrass and stigmatize the whole GOP field.

Then, depending on how it went, he would
1. Stigmatize the GOP in general, so that no candidate could beat Hillary
2. Pout and stomp off when he didn't get the nomination, and run as an independent, split the vote, and give the election to Hillary

Time will tell.

Divemedic said...

This is what I had to say over at Uncle's place:

Trump is doing well because the electorate is tired of getting a bunch of politicians who say one thing and do another. They want an outsider. The Republican party only has themselves to blame for this: people are sick of getting back sliding from the likes of Boehner.

As an aside, I also think that this is the same reason why Sanders was getting as many votes as he did.

There will be a post on this topic on my blog this morning.

matism said...


and Heh:

As far as I'm concerned, any candidate who can get the Chinese and Lyin' Ryan to "ship their pants" on the same day is the PREFECT choice for President.

matism said...

Heh again:

And it just keeps getting better!

Richard said...

Not sure where your Dem turnout numbers come from but here is the article from the Vegas paper.