Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The poison of "Social Justice"

Lawrence has a post about how the Open Source community is being slowly poisoned by Social Justice Warriors:
Now comes word that GitHub’s “Social Impact Team” has decided “We don’t want any of those stinking white people here.” “It is very hard to even interview people who are ‘white’ which makes things challenging.”
Eric S. Raymond blogged about this last year:
The hacker culture, and STEM in general, are under ideological attack. Recently I blogged a safety warning that according to a source I consider reliable, a “women in tech” pressure group has made multiple efforts to set Linus Torvalds up for a sexual assault accusation. I interpreted this as an attempt to beat the hacker culture into political pliability, and advised anyone in a leadership position to beware of similar attempts.


But, if you think you’re reading that ‘djangoconcardiff’ considers acceptance of pull requests putatively from “persons of color” to be politically mandatory, a look at the Contributor Covenant he/she advocates will do nothing to dissuade you. Paragraph 2 denounces the “pervasive cult of meritocracy”.
"Culture of Meritocracy"?  Can't have that.

In other news, enrolment in liberal arts is down and computer science is up.  I think that we're seeing the Death Throes of Progressivism as we have come to know it.  The University and the Media have been super-saturated with SJW thought as Progressives have come to entirely dominate both institutions.  But both institutions are financially very sick, and will look very different a decade hence.

What will come next?  Who can say?  We've seen progressivism morph into liberalism, then back to progressivism, and seemingly now to socialism.  But the engine that has driven this has been money.  That's changing.


lee n. field said...

Our own "Cultural Revolution" ahead of us?

SiGraybeard said...

Denouncing ..the “pervasive cult of meritocracy”? Is there a better slogan for a group destined to crash and burn in ball of fail?


Let's go out of our way to make sure the people who are best at something aren't allowed to do it! In what universe does that make sense? “Gee, I've been hit by a car and need really tricky surgery to save my life! Where can I find a minimally competent doctor? Not the best! No, that encourages meritocracy; I want someone from the bottom quarter of their med school class.”

Again: W.T.F?

Maybe they should chant “No meritocracy - only mediocrity!”

parascribe said...

So, the same people who treat 1984 and Brave New World like an instruction manual think Harrison Bergeron had a happy ending? Huh...

Archer said...

But the engine that has driven this has been money. That's changing.

Yes, because it has always been driven by other people's money.

And those "other people" are starting to pay attention.

Arthur said...

Can we start calling them SWMs?

To me 'warrior' has positive connotations. Social Justice Mobsters, or Mafia seems more fitting.

R.K. Brumbelow said...

Wait so what you are suggesting is to simply 'Fork' the entire movement?

I find that practical, justified and poetic/hillareous