Wednesday, February 10, 2016

How TOR users get busted

Here is a presentation from last year's DEFCON conference that contains a number of examples of TOR users who got de-anonymized.  The common theme?  Bad OPSEC.

If you're interested in anonymity on the 'net, this is useful information.


Old NFO said...

Interesting... And anonymity is a pipe dream in most cases...

Jonathan H said...

If you really want anonymity, you have to do some legwork - buy a dedicated computer with cash and only use it via free public wifi, making sure that there aren't cameras that can see you as you buy it or use it. Oh, and for an extra layer of security, use wifi that isn't near you.
Anything you do online can be tracked - if you don't want to be identified, make sure the track leads to a dead end.