Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The liberal war on science

I need to read this book:
Jesse Singal left his copy of Galileo’s Middle Finger lying around the house when he went home for Thanksgiving, and his dad picked it up:
“That’s an amazing book so far,” I said. “It’s about the politicization of science.” “Oh,” my dad responded. “You mean like Republicans and climate change?”
Not exactly:
What she found, over and over, was that researchers whose conclusions didn’t line up with politically correct orthodoxies — whether the orthodoxy in question involved sexual abuse, transgender issues, or whatever else — often faced dire, career-threatening consequences simply for doing their jobs.

Two examples stand out as particularly egregious cases in which solid social science was attacked in the name of progressive causes.
Prsonally, when I'm feeling mischievious and some leftie brings up "anti-science Republicans" I like to wax poetic about evolutionary psychology and its implications for gender relations and world peace ...

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