Thursday, February 11, 2016

Things I did not know

Eric S. Raymond (computer guru and gun nut) has a Gun Nut web page.  There's an interesting collection of links there for gunnies.

There's quite a strong correlation between people who work in tech (and especially in computer/network security) and people who shoot.  I haven't seen data on this but it is quite striking.  My guess is that people in these fields are focused on assessing and managing risk, and are used to using tools to help manage those risks.


dorfer21 said...

We are Legion.

Guffaw in AZ said...

While not one, I do agree as to the statistical number!


Jerry The Geek said...

There was a time (couple of decades ago) when I thought I was the only geek with a gun. Imagine my surprise when I went online and discovered that some of my IBM friends were also gunners ... although they were were often as inept in the sport as I.

Today, I'm surprised to find shooters who are not 'puter-savvy.

Go figure.