Wednesday, November 18, 2015

What to do in a terrorist attack

Michael Yon has advice (via Isegoria):
We are at war. 
We must retrain our minds that we are not sheep to be slaughtered.
First option — unless you are law enforcement or a Soldier — is to escape. Second option is to hide. Final option, kill that son of a bitch. Bum-rush him. 
Take his rifle and shoot him in the head. 
He might be wearing a vest — when you are very close shoot his head twice and keep moving. If the rifle is out of ammo, kill him with the rifle butt or something else. Smash with all of your strength.
No time for hogtying him. There might be other terrorists and there is no time for pleasantries. Just kill him and keep your weapon pointed at potential enemies. Be very careful not to cause innocent casualties. Can be hard to do. 
Ugly advice for an ugly age.


B P said...

Or, more likely, die trying and fail to boot. Survival and success odds go up sharply if you have a gun of your own, however.

I wonder if Europe will get that through their skulls?

Old NFO said...

+1 on Bradley... sigh BUT, I'd rather go out trying than die on my knees.

STxAR said...

That BTW is "Good advice for an ugly age". And if you don't know how to use a rifle, or butt stroke an adversary, learn! Heck go to youtube and watch ww2 training films, setup a dummy in your yard and practice!! Might be best not to scream out "kill, kill, kill" while you do it tho....

We may be at the height of the technology age, but barbarism is still with us.

I know young men that are hell on wheels playing video games, and are absolute wet paper when it comes to strength of mind and will.

Paul Bonneau said...

Good. Now, how to avoid being killed by a cop in a traffic stop? (More likely than the terror thing...)