Tuesday, November 10, 2015

So much for Paul Ryan and "fiscal conservatives"

Just what's in the Transportation Bill he rammed through?
One of the main obstacles to the bill has been fiscal conservatives (and some liberals) who objected to $80 billion of deficit spending over the next six years. Many of the conservatives wanted to cut spending to be no more than gas tax and other highway revenues; the liberals wanted to raise gas taxes to cover the deficits and provide revenues for even more spending on roads and transit. Instead, the House stayed the course of spending more than is available, using various accounting tricks to cover the deficits.

What really happened is that newly minted House Speaker Paul Ryan wanted to prove his worth, so he twisted enough arms to get the bill passed. The bill even includes reauthorization of the Export-Import Bank, which many conservatives hated.
Color me unimpressed.I expect come next November, I shall continue to be unimpressed with them.


Old NFO said...

Not a good start, that's for sure!

kotetu said...

No one should be surprised here. Paul Ryan spearheaded the "draconian" (according to Harry Reid) spending cuts (1%) that actually increased spending back in 2011. I wouldn't trust a career politician to give out candy on Halloween, and Ryan is exactly that.

matism said...

Ryan is Rove Republican swill. Nothing more. Nothing less. And if you do not yet understand what Rove Republican swill are, I have some unicorns that poop rainbow skittles which I'll be glad to sell you for a "fair" price.

We will NOT "vote our way out" of this sewer.

Ken said...

Same here, Mr. Patch. I have had about all I can stomach of aiding and abetting politicians in the commission of elections.