Monday, November 2, 2015

Of course they can

"Connected" cars are easy to track:
Connected cars that communicate with other vehicles or transport systems to improve safety and traffic flow can easily be tracked, a security researcher has shown.
In an experiment undertaken on the campus of the University of Twente in The Netherlands, two wireless sensing stations were able to pinpoint a target vehicle nearly half the time, according to Jonathan Petit, Principal Scientist at Security Innovation, a software security company.
“You can build a real-time tracking system using off-the-shelf devices with minimum sophistication,” says Petit. In a paper to be presented at the Black Hat Europe security conference in November, he describes being able to place a security vehicle within either the residential or the business zones of the campus with 78 percent accuracy, and even locate it on individual roads 40 percent of the time.
Security wasn't an after thought, it wasn't thought of at all.  And privacy?  User privacy is double-plus lunged to the designers.

My next thought is that you could combine the seemingly-easy-to-hack bit with the seemingly-easy-to-track bit for extra lulz.  Another reason to ride a Harley or a '69 GTO ...


Paul W said...

Funny you mention a '69 father bought ours new in November of '68, and I immediately fell in love. We kept it 19 years, and I almost cried when Dad sold it.

Yeah, there are a variety of uses for a vehicle like that, privacy being one (though the car itself doesn't exactly blend in well).

EMS Artifact said...

Every time I read one of these articles, I want to go out and by a mid 1980s Ford F250 with a diesel engine.