Wednesday, August 5, 2015


[gasp] [gasp] [gasp]


But this time, we'll vote ourselves out of this mess.  There will be the Leader on the White Horse to save us!  A Leader funded by the same Oligarchy, no matter which party [*cough* *cough* BUSH] [*cough* *cough* CLINTON] that Leader represents.

But relax, Citizen.  All is well.  The circus is amusing and the bread is free.  And the chocolate ration has been increased from 3 ounces to 2½ ounces ...


Glen Filthie said...

It's just realpolitik.

In the days ahead, people doing well for themselves will become targets. The pressure from the welfare class to go after them is going to be huge. If I was ultra-rich Not only would I be funding both of them, I would be covertly digging up as much dirt as I coild on them as well. And hiding my assets.

Hoard metals, boys - brass and lead among them

Old NFO said...

Sigh... Can I have my America back please???

drjim said...

+1 NFO!

Paul Bonneau said...

Sorry Old NFO, America was never there in the first place. About the closest thing was the few years of the Articles of Confederation. But even then there were all these scams going on and the oligarchy forming. Dig into Ben Franklin's background for example. The big thing back then were real estate scams, all the big players had their fingers in it. A bit later it was "internal improvements", canals, railroads and so forth. And of course the efforts starting with Hamilton to get a national bank. To get a flavor, read Rothbard's history of colonial and revolutionary America: