Thursday, August 20, 2015

Ah, working from home

I must say that I love my commute, and since everything here uses videoconferencing over the Internet, I love the (mostly) not traveling.  Err, until the Internet goes down.

Like it did yesterday.  In the middle of a big presentation to the Air Force.  Of course, I was the presenter.  Fortunately, the Help Desk at AT&T was completely helpful:

The heart is just exactly the right touch for people all p***ed off about the network going down.  Way to go, Brittany. 


Old NFO said...

Oh yeah, and it's even better when it takes the IP phones with it... :-D

Eagle said...

Something happened up the street a few weeks back, and multiple Fairpoint trucks were rewiring poles. I came home to find out that my internet and phones were dead: no signal.

Drove over to where the work was being done and asked when it would be fixed.

"You shouldn't have lost service."
"My fiber is dead. My phones are dead."
"You'll have to create a trouble ticket."
"Can you do that for me?"
"No, you need to call the office and open a ticket."
"But I don't have a phone!"
"Well, you'll have to find a phone and call the office."

This went on for a couple of minutes.

I got phones back a week later. They just came on all of a sudden one night - started ringing. Found out later that Fairpoint had run a new 300' fiber drop.

Phones - but no network. Called in. TWICE. Was asked - TWICE - if I had checked the status of my network using their online web tools.

Finally, they sent at tech to the house. He opened the network service box outside the house. Reached up to where the connectors are ... pushed one ... "CLICK!!!"

I went inside and opened a web browser. Internet was back online.

Whomever rewired the fiber in my network service box ... didn't re-seat the RJ-45 ethernet connector in the box.


1: If your phone doesn't work, you need to call them to tell them your phone doesn't work.

2: If your network doesn't work, you need to use their web status tool to determine whether your network works.

I can't make this sh*t up.