Sunday, February 15, 2015


Via Theo


MSgt B said...


Wrong on so many levels.

libertyman said...

Thanks for the introduction to cartoonist A.F. Branco.
He draws well and captures the essence of irony and mendaciousness that are part of the current administration. I like Michael Ramirez very much and sorely miss Jeff MacNelly.

Brigid said...

Yup. Book Number 2 officially finished and I'm back to my usual programming. I've missed visiting everyone's blogs as often and will have to catch up.

Anonymous said...

But it's true. The Global warming scam is a serious threat to America and Islamic terrorism is not. America is a soft target. If the Moslems were really trying at all, there would be a LOT more bombings., shooting, stabbings, and acid throwings.

The simple fact is, if we fix immigration (by restricting it), we have nothing to fear from islmaic extreemists. They can kill each other all they want to in Asia.