Saturday, February 28, 2015

Medical upgate

Dick emails:
Sorry about the IV stuff.

How’s the ‘bone?  Started therapy yet?
He's not the only one who's asked, so here's the latest.

The bone seems to be doing pretty well.  I've been off the pain meds for over a week, and the X-Rays looked good yesterday.  Doctor says another 4 weeks is likely, but thinks that the bone graft is taking.

I got a therapy to do, although it's baby steps.  It does get me out of the sling and feels pretty good - my muscles were feeling like they were atrophying, and actually the only pain I've had has been muscle twinges.  I'm working on restraining my enthusiasm, but feeling frustrated is a sign that I'm bettter.

The PICC in my chest is a pain in the tail end.  I tried to talk the doc into removing it early but she wasn't having a any of that.  The cultures have eliminated the really nasty stuff like Mersa, but it's still daily doctor visits.  Getting a lot of reading done thought!

UPDATE 28 February 2015 10:22: There's quite a bit of fatigue still, which is making my mental processes dull.  You can tell this from the blog post output.


Old NFO said...

Glad there is good news, and please STAY on the antibiotics for the full course... It's long for a reason!

Guffaw in AZ said...

Great to hear you are progressing!
And what Jim said!

(I know, healing is a PITA)


Tacitus2 said...

You don't always get a clean ID on the villainous microbes that do this sort of thing. Odd to fight a long war and never know even exactly who you are fighting...

Most doctors either don't have a sense of humor in such matters or (as I strive to do) are able to suppress it.

But the interaction here is rather along the lines of a slightly snooty wine steward.

"I wonder Sir, if an amusing little Vancomycin might not be the best accompaniment this evening?"


drjim said...

Good to hear you're getting better.

I had a MRSA a couple of years ago, and it was NOT fun, so also good to hear you don't have that type of bu.

burt said...

Excellent news, sir!!

Chickenmom said...

Forget the need to always post on the blog, concentrate on getting well. We'll always be here.

matism said...

After the recent FCC vote, I would not count on what Chickenmom said being accurate. Or even if we are indeed here, you may not be there...

Brigid said...

It's a slow progression but you are making progress. I'll avoid the usual "blog big sister" advice but you know what I would say.

Goober said...

Careful, Borepatch. I found out recently that there are employers out there that will begrudge you the reduced performance that a health issue will create, and they'll fire you for it.


Still a little bitter.

I've never wished anything like a heart tumor on any man, no matter what, but there is a part of me that would take a great amount of schadenfreude if my old boss got him one and saw how goddamned debilitating it was... He'd feel like a heel.

Hope you get better soon. Don't let it get you down.

I know... easier said than done.