Thursday, February 5, 2015

Funny corporate song

Most company songs are commissioned by corporate Marketing departments, and so are terrible.  Home Depot seems to have an annual competition between the stores for employee written and performed songs.  This one is very funny, and the performances are quite good.

From the notes in the Youtube video:
DJ CHEWY, JORDAN SOVIS, and MICAYLA MARKS, team up to produce another music video for the 2015 Home Depot Search for a Star!! 


The Home Depot Search for a Star is a music and video talent search put on by HOME DEPOT. The winners of this contest receive an all expenses paid trip to las vegas to perform live at the annual store manager meeting. 


This video was produced straight out of the orange pumping heart of Michigan at the Owosso store #2772 by Sovis Productions, & DNA Design! 

Well played, Owosso store #2772!

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