Thursday, January 1, 2015

Remember, only the police are well trained enough to have firearms

Peachtree City Police Chief "accidentally" shoots wife:
PEACHTREE CITY, Ga. -- The wife of Peachtree City Police Chief William E. McCollom is in critical condition after being shot by her husband Thursday morning.

Police responded to the couple's home in the 100 block of Autumn Leaf shortly after 4:15 a.m., where they found the victim, 58-year-old Margaret McCollom. She was taken by helicopter to Atlanta Medical Center.

The GBI will handle the shooting investigation. GBI spokeswoman Sherry Lang originally said Chief McCollom called 911 to say he accidentally shot his wife twice with his service weapon. After further investigation, Lang said it was determined that only one bullet had been discharged.
I think the word you're looking for is "negligently".  Unless the word is "maliciously", but so far the authorities are treating him with kid gloves.


Glenn B said...

Well, first of all "accidently" does not necessarily conflict with "negligently". I so wish that gun gurus would get that. Something can be accidental and yet negligent at the same time or can be accidental with absolutely no negligence on the part of the person directly involved.

As for that BS about only cops being qualified enough to handle guns, please drop that line of sarcastic balderdash. It is extremely disrespectful to law enforcement types, like for instance me, who are extremely pro-RKBA. if you want to alienate a large number of others who support the RKBA for all, then keep shoving that in our faces.

Murphy's Law said...

Well said on all counts, Glenn!

Jerry The Geek said...

Do I understand this correctly?

He thought he had "... accidentally shot his wife twice with his service weapon"? But the "further investigation ... determined that only one bullet had been fired"?

This is a fishy story. "Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence; thrice is enemy action."

Considering the confusion about the number of shots fired, and the status of the perpetrator --- sometimes once can be 'enemy action'.

tsquared said...

The Chief didn't know if he had double tapped his wife or not? How many bullets were missing from the gun? How many spent shells on th floor? How many holes in the wife that were not a through and through? Was the Chief sober?

Lots of simple questions that need to be answered. If this had been Brunswick GA and the wife had died it would be "open and shut" suicide. But Brunswick is on the second (or third) interim police chief since the city counselor committed suicide with his hands zip tied, shot through the head, fell off a dock, and no weapon found. Brunswick has a lot of suicides - they do not take much investigation therefor they do not stress the mental capacity of the detectives there. Yep, we got some real good cops here in Georgia.

Borepatch said...

Glenn, my snark wasn't intended to mock the Police, but rather the gun control crowd who keep coming out with exactly that sort of nonsense.

Don't know if there was malicious intent, but it's hard to see it wasn't negligent. I have no idea what his pistol was doing out of his holster, but clearly the four rules were not followed.

Jerry, my impression is that it was the E911 operator who was confused about the number of rounds, not the Chief.

Old NFO said...

Something strange with this one...