Thursday, January 29, 2015

I'm really glad I moved to Georgia

This picture is from Framingham, MA - the town next to the old Chez Borepatch when we lived up in Yankeeland:

Ugh.  Good luck to all my readers up there.


tsquared said...

The only issue with living in the ATL and having a yard is that you may need to mow your grass in January. I had to mow the fescue yesterday and it will need it again in about a month.

aczarnowski said...

Lots of parallax in that pic...

But, yeah, thanks for taking one for the team MA. After a brutally cold 2013/2014 we're having an unusually warm one in MN. I'm sure that's just nature being a co-dependent bitch and the smack down will come any time now.

Cap'n Jan said...

Dang, does everyone in the stinkin' software business follow each other around? Is it possible that there are really only 500 of us in the business, but we keep changing jobs?

We were in the town over from Framingfish too... Natick. Then down to Norfolk. Very rural, but the redline was a 5 minute walk from the house. It was nice to live in the trees, and work at Ground Zero (MIT).

Now in Austin, and we are SO glad we could just throw out the show shovels/blowers/plows... It has been so long since I've dealt with a lot of snow that I am almost (ALMOST!!) nostalgic for it.

Fair Winds,

Cap'n Jan

Cap'n Jan said...

Forgot to add that I hope you are doing well, and the shoulder will make a full recovery.

It is ALWAYS better to wait and see with respect to surgery... If you can wait, that is. I believe you did the right thing in seeing if you would heal without the knife.

Fair Winds,

Cap'n Jan