Monday, January 5, 2015


The shoulder feels like it's healing slowly - 3 months after the accident it still doesn't take much to make it feel goofy.  And after the rain stopped it briefly hit 60° here in the ATL.

I'm wondering if a ride around the neighborhood to test it is as stupid as it sounds.


ASM826 said...

How many pull-ups and push-ups can you do? What your current max weight for a military press? Bench press? How much can you curl with that arm?

James said...

No offense, but yes it does.Take care, not many good guys left ya know!

Eagle said...

So... after going down on the bike and busting bones in your shoulder, you're considering riding on the bike when your bones still occasionally feel "goofy"?

Yes, this is as stupid as it sounds.

Patience, my friend. Winter will eventually end and daily (not occasional) warm weather will return. And those extra couple of months might make all the difference in how your shoulder feels when you get into "rider's position" on the bike.

Eagle said...

Oh, one more thing: there are old riders and there are bold riders, but there are very few old bold riders.

Don't be bold enough to think that a little bit of discomfort from still-healing bones won't distract you from giving your full attention to the road. ALL of the road: surface, other cars, riding conditions, etc.

Grow old by not being bold.

NotClauswitz said...

It's not just the shoulder, it's the hands that grip the bars - if they are impacted by a cascading down-stream *event* or rendered to fail, then operating the clutch or brakes become "complicated" beyond reason, so calculate a path without stop-signs or other disturbances. to your flow.