Thursday, January 2, 2014

Boston SWPL types find out what Big Government means to them

It means that the Boston Pops has crummy concerts:
Before you whine about an airline temporarily losing your luggage, think of poor Boujemaa Razgui. The flute virtuoso who performs regularly with The Boston Camerata lost 13 handmade flutes over the holidays when a US Customs official at New York’s JFK Airport mistook the instruments for pieces of bamboo and destroyed them. Razgui, a Canadian citizen who lives some of the time in Brockton, had flown last week from Morocco to Boston, with stops in Madrid and New York. In New York, he says, an official opened his luggage and found the 13 flutelike instruments — 11 nays and two kawalas. Razgui says he had made all of the instruments using hard-to-find reeds. “They said this is an agriculture item,” said Razgui, who was not present when his bag was opened.
Hey Boston SWPLs: remember, Government is the thing we choose to do together, so suck it.  Way to crush indigenous musical traditions!  You did this together, all Shouder To Shoulder like and everything!  Well done, you!  And the reaction of Customs?
Our calls to US Customs and Border Protection were not returned Tuesday.
Yeah, I'll bet.  They should have said that Government is what we choose to do together, so suck it.
Razgui, who’s been performing with The Boston Camerata since 2002 and is scheduled to play with Camerata Mediterranea in February, says there are perhaps 15 people in the United States who play these sorts of instruments. “And now they’re gone,” he said. “I’m not sure what to do.”
Dude, find a gig in Europe.  Introduce it with a comparison of "NSA = Satsi" - you'll get a standing ovation.


Paul, Dammit! said...

Yeah, that's about right.
And the poor guy was on his way to Brockton, which is New England's answer to Detroit in terms of crime and crack houses per capita. I live far too close to that place.

juvat said...

Think Satsi was the name of a dog. NSA=Stasi perhaps?

Goober said...

I don't see what the NSA had to do with this. This was a customs thing.

The screw-ups and outright crimes of Customs stand on their own merits without dragging the NSA into it.