Monday, January 20, 2014

This just in

It's a pain always having to be a Grown Up. It's times like this that I hear friend Burt telling me to get that damn motorcycle. And I hear Uncle Jay tell me he'll use his new found Russian "persuasion" techniques to "suggest" I need to get that damn bike.


burt said...

Get that damned motorcycle.

Dan said...

For that price, you could get several more guns. And that would be safer.

Murphy's Law said...

If you don't get the bike, you'll spend the rest of your life wondering what it's like to have balls.
Get the bike.

airphoria said...

You need to get the bike.

See, there was a a period back in August wherein a friend's comment, a couple of your blog posts, and a really bad week at the microchip factory lead me to the local scooter dealership, wherefore I left with 665 pounds of a modern-day two-cylinder-two-wheeled dinosaur.

Notice I said that a couple of your blog posts were a factor...

So you have to get the bike. It's karma. That's why.

Just People said...

I believe I sent you a photo of a couple of bike options. One of them should get you from Atlanta to DC in about 2 hrs if the road is clear! :) No?

Dave H said...

You don't have to be the grownup, you choose to be the grownup. The only thing holding you back is you and your fear of sleeping on the porch.

Goober said...

It’s that fine line that we have to walk in life, being responsible men instead of kept wards, between having enough in reserve to take care of your family if something goes to hell, and still enjoying life enough to make all the hard work and effort worth it. If you spend all your time earning and hoarding the money, what the hell did you earn the money for? On the flip side, if you’re buying a bike and putting your family into financial risk, then why would you do that?

This is coming from a guy that spent $50,000 on a jet boat (cash and trade) that doesn’t earn me a dime and is intended for recreation, and recreation only: only you can make the decision on whether it is the right timing to buy a bike. Don’t get hung up on THAT BIKE – there are plenty of bikes out there. Get hung up on the fact that you work hard and you deserve to be happy and have some recreation time, IF YOUR FAMILY CAN AFFORD IT.

Can you pay cash? Will you miss the money, in the sense that you’ll have lean months after spending it? If yes to the first, and no to the second, then buy the damn thing. If you decide later that you liked the money better, you can always sell it, and assuming you dealt shrewdly when you bought it (and took care of it), you can get most, if not all of your money back out of it.

It isn’t like your burning the money in a campfire – you’re trading it for a valuable asset that will be insured, so in the end, you’ll get at least some of it back at the end of the day

Jon said...

My wife's BMW R bike is going on the market this spring. I'm just sayin'

Nosmo King said...

Don't worry about it, BP, we understand. The idea of a big bike is more important than having a big bike.

Stick with the Rebel, you seem happier there.

BTW, don't forget, "slower traffic keep right."

kx59 said...

You haven't gotten it yet?
I thought that was a done deal.
And here you were telling me I need to get a Harley for a South Coast meetup.
phooey. ;)

Atom Smasher said...

Get the bike, whatever it is.

Vroom vroom.

Just remember, that first ride where you realize you actually have an itch on your upper lip that you need to scratch, and maybe you think that's the first time you've felt anything other than "careful careful careful..."

THAT'S when you're gonna relax & die.

Leave the itch until you're stopped and safe.

And move on from there.

And yes, EVERYONE ELSE on the road IS trying to kill you, accidentally or not.

Get the gorrammed bike.