Tuesday, January 28, 2014

BBC: UK.Gov Met office forecasts too warm in 13 of last 14 years

Damn BBC doesn't realize that THE SCIENCE IS SETTLED!!!!
It means that so far this century, of 14 yearly headline predictions made by the Met Office Hadley centre, 13 have been too warm.

It’s worth stressing that all the incorrect predictions are within the stated margin of error, but having said that, they have all been on the warm side and none have been too cold.

The 2013 global temperature also means that the Met Office’s projection that half the years between 2010 and 2015 would be hotter than the hottest year on record (which on the HADCRUT measure was in 1998), issued around the time of the Copenhagen climate conference in 2009, is already incorrect.
Settled, I say.  Damn Met Office* deniers.
The Met Office believe one of the reasons for this ‘warm bias’ in their annual global projections is the lack of observational data in the Arctic circle, which has been the fastest warming area on earth.
OK, now is it settled?
They also suggest another reason why the global surface temperature is falling short of their projections is because some of the heat is being absorbed in the ocean beneath the surface.
There.  All better.  Because Science®!  And shut up, Denier.

* "Met Office" = "Meteorological Office", the official UK.Gov weather bureau.


Old NFO said...

Yep, settled... uh huh...

Graybeard said...

I see. So in their little world, the current break in the warming is insufficient measurement adjustment. I thought that measurement adjustment was the cause of the warming.

Hat Trick said...

" lack of observational data in the Arctic circle, which has been the fastest warming area on earth."
With no observational data how can they declare it the fastest warming area on Earth?

Borepatch said...

Graybeard, you are clearly one of those Anti Science types.

Hat Trick, you too.

Save be a place on the benches in the Camps, fellows.