Thursday, January 16, 2014

Linux gaming

It's getting so popular that there are multiple games and Linux Gamer Grrls doing reviews.

And it will only get more so with SteamOS.


Anonymous said...

In an age where windows is heading more and more towards the casual side of computing, it's a good thing that other options are opening up for PC gaming.

And interestingly, one of my favorite games, Kerbal Space Program, actually runs better on Linux than the Windows version...

Dave H said...

Kerbal Space Program runs in Linux? "Excellent!" he intoned, channeling Montgomery Burns.

Now if I can just get my POS Compaq to boot from a USB stick. Linux Mint doesn't fit on a CD-ROM, but the Compaq doesn't have a DVD drive. That's one point in favor of Ubuntu: there's a ton of installation options, including a barebones installer that'll download everything else you need from the 'Net.