Tuesday, December 3, 2013

"The [Climate Advisory Council] failed at tricking their way past democracy"

The wheels are coming off of the Professional Green movement:
This is about one of the most damning pieces on the European climate movement I’ve read all year, and that from Germany’s equivalent of the Washington Post. An atmosphere of resignation is truly sweeping through Germany’s climate movement. Flagship media are waking up.

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) has written a blistering criticism of Hans Schellnhuber’s WBGU and climate activists’ efforts to impose a green authoritarian society over the rest of the world. They overshot and missed the curve. The FAZ introduction reads:
The rescue of the planet gets cancelled. The climate advisory council to the government played high stakes poker. And lost. They failed at tricking their way past democracy.”
Not so long ago, Der Spiegel raked the Climate Alarmists over the coals.  The protective shield of the Press is breaking down, likely because government officials see that the costs of the Green agenda is politically prohibitive.  While the Greens are useful to the governing establishment, they're welcome.  Now that they're not, they're being kicked to the curb in Germany as in Australia.

Prediction: the UK will stumble along on autopilot for a while, as their politicians are remarkably dim.  And the EPA will continue trying to do an end run around Congress on CO2.  I can't wait to see how the voters react to their electric bills doubling.  Add that on the [ahem] "popularity" of Obamacare, and we'll see how many Democrats vote to abolish the EPA.

It's Game Over for the Greens.  They don't realize that yet, so get ready to enjoy some delish shadenfreude.


AndyN said...

I can't wait to see how the voters react to their electric bills doubling.

Except for one 6-7 month period, peak gas prices during the Bush years were lower than the lowest prices for most of the Obama presidency (http://www.gasbuddy.com/gb_retail_price_chart.aspx). That direct hit on consumers' pocketbooks had no noticeable impact on the 2012 election. I blame the proliferation of debit card readers - there's a much more visceral impact to walking in to the counter, handing over a $20 bill, pumping your gas, and seeing your fuel needle not make it to the half tank mark than there is to swiping your card and ignoring the pump as you fill up.

It's possible that people will react more negatively to seeing a much bigger once a month hit than they did to seeing a whole bunch of bigger small weekly hits, but I doubt it. The fact that a lot of people pay bills with an automatic debit makes me even more confident in doubting it.

PPACA is different in that the administration put their name on it, campaigned on it saving people money, and are actively encouraging people to go to an outlet that is run by the administration to spend their money. None of that is true of energy. On the contrary, the feel good about doing something to save the world part of the environmental message was so powerful that Obama didn't even shy away from explicitly saying that energy prices would necessarily soar if he got his way.

Borepatch said...

AndyN, big parts of the Democratic coalition don't care one whit for SWPL enviro goals. The current regime is in such hot water right now that there's little chance they'll want to take on something else that might fracture their base.