Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I'm not sure if this is a New Year's resolution or not

Has a better seat and a removable trunk.  14k miles.  It's a lot more expensive than what I've been looking at, and it's a lot more bike to handle.  But it's more or less where I want to end up for long range riding.  The Rebel is awesome for scooting around town, and it doesn't seem like there's anything I'm interested in for the in betweens. Bikers feel free to leave their advice.

Rode it around the block - it's big, but I didn't drop it.  Winning!  So maybe I'll just STFU and do it.  Suck it up, cupcake, eh?

Happy 2014, everyone. 


Old NFO said...

Nothing like jumping in with BOTH feet (into the deep end no less)! My advice? Do what YOU want to, screw us... :-)

Dave H said...

Suck it up, cupcake, eh?

Just remember, you said it first. (grin)

You're going to end up on a big bike eventually anyway. Do you want to keep going through this "Can I handle it? Should I try it?" dance every 6 to 12 months? Screw practicality. You already know how to ride; get the bike your heart wants, ride it until you're comfortable, then keep going and don't look back.

Borepatch said...

Dave H, that's what I'm starting to think.

Rev. Paul said...

If it's what you want, and you can do it, then do it. And happy 2014!

JohnMXL said...

The Harley Touring family (Road King, Electra Glide, Street Glide, Road Glide, et al) are all relatively easy handling bikes despite appearances.

I went from a '81 Honda Gold Wing GL1100 to a '90 Ultra Classic and never looked back.

Thanks to a left-turning cager with rectocranial inversion I now ride an '07 Ultra.

If you haven't already, look into Jerry Palladino's 'Ride Like A Pro' DVD. It's worth the price.

burt said...

What Dave H. said: +1

Seems like you finally "got it", BP.

mohave rat said...

Life is to short to ride ugly women and little bikes. Go for it!

selkiemaine said...

JohnMXL said it. Harley touring bikes handle beautifully. They have low maximum lean angles, but they are so intuitive and controllable that you can really use every bit of those angles.

Also, they have adequate power, but not so much that they'll take you by surprise.

Lastly, at any normal riding speed, the vibration levels are lower than almost anything else you'll find out there. Your hands won't tingle after a couple of hours in the saddle.

I was going to write a comment mentioning mine, but I thought it was out of your consideration due to price and size.

Newer Harleys are reliable, incredibly comfortable, and highly adjustable to fit you (if you're willing to spend some money).

After 17 years of riding a BMW K bike, I bought a Harley Road Glide - I loved my BMW, but I'm even more in love with the Harley. It's just got more "personality".

Of course, it's immensely heavy - and you'll learn to NEVER pull downhill into a parking space, and you'll also learn that picking one up can be "interesting".

Chickenmom said...

Happy Harley New Year, Borepatch!!

The Big Guy said...

Do it.





kotetu said...


maybe? :)

Bryn said...

Best of luck to you, & look out for blind/braindead cagers. If the HD really suits you, go for it!

Kansas Scout said...

What is it?

Nosmo King said...

Time moves in only one direction, Ted.

Do it.

P.S. You might check and see how comfortable Mrs. BP is on the pillion seat. Otherwise, you'll wind up doing this dance all over again when she decides she wants her own bike.

Tony Tsquared said...

The HD FL's are the definition of Touring motorcycles. I can jump on my E-glide and ride it from Atlanta to Daytona more comfortably than my F150 Lariat.

Midwest Chick said...

Not a biker but my thought is this... if you want it, buy it. Looks nice, looks like it has the various points you've said you'd like.

Favorite line from an older movie... "Sometimes you've just got to say 'What the ****'." Go for it!

Borepatch said...

JohnMXL, that's very interesting about the Goldwing.

Selkiemaine, that's also very interesting about the Bimmer.

TBG, you're the one that gave me the deadline. ;-)

koteku, I really like the way the one I'm looking at is tricked out with saddle bags and trunk. It's ready to ride - I'd need to add a lot to the one you pointed out, although for the price delta that would be possible. But the one on cycletrader is 1000 miles away. :-(

Kansas Scout, it's a 2007 Harley Street Glide. Big bike.

Nosmo, tempus fugit indeed.

Tony, if you're in the Atlanta area, we should meet up to ride some time.

Midwest Chick, I frequently have a hard time breaking out of the "responsible grownup" mould. Sounds like *that* is the resolution for 2014, perhaps.

Dave H said...

"I frequently have a hard time breaking out of the 'responsible grownup' mould."

Seriously? I was starting on my second childhood before my youngest started high school. You need to start becoming fun again before your grandkids come along.

Do it for them.

Midwest Chick said...

Then you absolutely should buy it. More expensive BUT less painful than a tattoo if you're needing to break the mould.... ;-)

Tony Tsquared said...

It would be a pleasure to go on a ride with you. I am a member of the local Patriot Guard and I use my bike as my primary transportation when it is not icey outside.