Thursday, December 12, 2013

On growing up

And on not growing up.

There are a lot more, and some are even better.


Goober said...

This sort of rings true with my first world problems post the other day.

I'm actually working on another post that's similar to this one, only it focuses on the "Not Sexy" meme.

You know, the one where they take a picture of a beautiful woman, and write "boys, this is not sexy!" and then a picture of a fat, ugly woman and write "THIS is sexy" under her picture, presuming that they should be allowed to control the narrative of what men are allowed to be attracted to and what they shouldn't be.

It's a supremacist movement. There is just no other way to describe how a group of people could look at all the sacrifices that men have made in blood and treasure, throughout history, in an attempt to make our lives better, and then stand up, point fingers, and claim that they've had it worse.

Jester said...

Succinct images Borepatch.

William Newman said...

"17. There is no worse an experience on this planet than working a busy brunch shift when you are brutally hungover."