Sunday, December 29, 2013

So if the Universities are all leftist, what sort of leftists are they?

This is a very good analysis, exposing the hypocrisy of the Academic Institutions:
I’ve been talking about the adjunct crisis (in which part-time professors at our colleges and universities are exploited) ever since I began blogging. As the title of this post indicates, I talk about it because it is such a momentous episode in leftism. It is as momentous as the exploitation of factory workers back in the Industrial Revolution of two hundred years ago. This isn't because the numbers of exploited are comparable, but because of where it is happening: in that bastion of leftism, academia. Academic leftists are inadvertently participating in the refutation of so much of what they and other leftists have been trying to promote for so many years. Let me enumerate the ways in which they are destroying themselves, at least as far as economic policy is concerned.
Read the whole beautiful thing.  This should be response #1 to any leftie (particularly from a University) who tries to claim "moral high ground".  And the summing up pretty much nails it:
What, then, is left for the left? Oh, I know perfectly well that phrases like “people before profits” and disparaging comments on “corporate interests” may be around for decades. But for anyone who has half a brain, the adjunct crisis, and more specifically the left’s failure to respond to it, represent the death of leftism insofar as it is concerned with the poor. What’s left? Identity politics and environmentalism.
And the interesting point there is that there's nothing in either of these for the Middle Class.  On the contrary, in fact.  If the GOP weren't the Stupid Party, they'd get some traction with this.

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OMMAG said...

What is left? Misery and decay.

That is always what is left when the left get their way.