Tuesday, May 30, 2023

An endorsement (sort of from Wolfgang) for Chewy.com

We have used Chewy as our preferred supplier for Wolfgang's food and meds for like, forever.  They've shipped regularly and on time and we've been quite happy with that.

But that's not why we're recommending them.  Here's why:

When we first set up an account there was an option to upload a picture of your pet.  The Queen Of The World uploaded a pic of Wolfgang.  She expected that a little pic of him would be on their website when we ordered stuff for him.  Instead, we got a US Postal mailing that had a hand painted picture of Wolfgang, painted by one of their staff.

But that's not why we're recommending them.  Here's why:

When Wolfgang died, I went to their web site to shut down any auto-ship orders and that sort of thing.  They had a "Delete this pet" option which seemed to be appropriate, which I chose.  The next day I got an email from their support staff that expressed their heartfelt sorrow for what we were going through.  It wasn't an auto-generated email "So sorry for your loss" but a personal email that brought a tear to my eyes.

But that's not why we're recommending them.  Here's why:

Today the doorbell rang.  It was sumd00d dropping off a bouquet of flowers with a card saying that the team at Chewy was so sorry that we had lost Wolfgang.

They didn't have to do any of this (other than ship my orders on time).  My take is that Chewy hires people who love pets, and empowers them to treat their customers like, well, pet lovers.

The Queen Of The World and I were fans before this, but now we're HUGE Chewy fans.  They've treated us, and Wolfgang, above and beyond the call of current e-commerce.  They've treated us like family - better than some of our actual family in fact.

If you have a pet, Chewy.com comes highly, highly recommended from us (yeah, and Wolfgang - he liked the stuff we got there, from his daily food to his medications).  And no, we have no relationship with them other than very, very satisfied customers.


Beans said...

Okay, that's... cool. It's surprising when you get actual customer service from companies.

I will talk to The Wife and see about transferring over from The Zon to Chewy.

Miguel GFZ said...

That is the kind of attitude that makes also for good business because it creates the best customer base: Kinship for animals.

If the size of their fulfilment center in Middle TN is a reflection of that kinship, they are a company to care for. That building is NASA-size construction.

michigan doug said...

They did the same when we lost Willow last year.
Great company.

matism said...

Concur with that, although they did dump Lindell.

Mike V said...

That kind of customer service builds good will, loyalty, and word of mouth advertising that no amount of ad buying can match. It is truly a vanishing art in business. I'll check them out.

LindaG said...

We've been happy with them, also. Condolences.
You all be safe and God bless.

SiGraybeard said...

Another "us too" endorsement for Chewy. We never set up auto shipment on anything but they're a regular stop for shopping.

I think I'm going to shift to do more business with them.

Old NFO said...

Well done to them!

OldAFSarge said...

They did the same for us, great company. Real, caring, people on the other end.

chris said...

Same thing when my spaniel mix passed. Also anytime we have an issue with product they make it right. Outstanding customer service