Wednesday, February 8, 2023


 Roberta X weighs in on the beating death of Tyre Nichols and says what I was thinking far better than I would have. 

"Nobody has a beating coming from the police -- not the most innocent of drivers pulled over on vague suspicion or the worst violent offender caught bloody-handed.  Nobody should ever fear getting kicked by an arresting officer while his peers hold them down.  The police are not a street gang and shouldn't get away with acting like one."



Aesop said...

It was racism!
Global warming!
Greenhouse gasses!
White privilege!
Trump did it!
Bush did it!
Reagan did it!

And those cops have already been thrown under the bus, where they belong, and they'll be guests of the state for some good time. Hopefully, in general population.

I got cash money that says the people and practices that hired those douchebadges - in preference to better-qualified candidates, because diversity beans - never sees so much as harsh language.

B said...

While "Nobody has a beating coming from the police" in a perfect world, one must realize that in a perfect world suspects or offenders would not fight the cops, flee, FIGHT SOME MORE WHEN CAUGHT....They should not need to be subdued.

But that is exactly what our hero Tyre did. He fought the cops when pulled over. He ran, he fought them some more when he was caught the second time. The cops had to use force to get him into handcuffs. Had he not exhibited that behavior (somewhat typical of black males, much less so of whites, hipanics and asians) he'd likely not have been beaten in the process of subduing him into handcuffs.

Stop making him out all innocent here. he helped cause this, just as much as the cops did.

ASM826 said...


Don't care how guilty he was. I am not making him a good guy or an innocent victim.

I understand that LEOs deal with the worst people, see the worst situations, have to put themselves at risk every shift.

This isn't about punching him in the ribs as the officers struggled to subdue him. This isn't about having to pull the trigger on an armed suspect because they won't comply with commands.

This is a human being, subdued and hand cuffed, being kicked in the head repeatedly by police officers until his injuries are unsurvivable. I don't want law enforcement to do it to Tyre because I don't want law enforcement to do it to me. Or to you.

There is nothing that can be said that will make me see this as acceptable.

B said...

Never said it was acceptable. It isn't. I do, however, think that Tyre helped the situation along. Fighting the cops, even after finally cuffed, doesn't lead to anything good.
Most of these incidents could be avoided if the suspects (not yet criminals) wouldn't fight the cops. There is a reason it generally doesn't happen to whites, hispanics, and asians....and does happen often to black men. The Left can't claim "racism" here since all the officers were black, it is a consequence of interacting with police and fighting them.
Does his behavior make the cops actions right? Not at all.
Does his continued fighting EVEN AFTER BEING CUFFED explain it? Yes.
Does that exonerate the cops? No.
But at the end of it, had he not fought, run, fought, then fought even more, he would not have been beaten into submission (and eventual death). His behavior was as much a part of this as the cops overreactive behavior was.

Maniac said...

The cops were diversity hires:

jabrwok said...

I've read that at least one of the cops had personal reasons to take down Nelson (something to do with the cop's wife/gf/babymamma/whatever). Don't know if that's true or not, but if so then failing to resist might well not have made any difference.

Will said...


one of those cops texted a photo of Tyre to his "significant other", after Tyre stopped moving...


I'm assuming you are unaware of the somewhat common police action of pummeling the restrained person while yelling "STOP RESISTING!!!" This habit was common before body cameras came to be worn, and is still seen, as old habits are hard to break...

Mind your own business said...

The beating of an arrestee may not be legal, but that doesn't mean it isn't earned or undeserved.

The legal system is insufficient in properly punishing criminals, particularly petty criminals. Judges are lenient and lazy, and far too often allow antisocial criminal behavior to continue, arrest after arrest, meting out only minimal punishment, if any.

If that continues, eventually it will be considered acceptable for people to hand out their own punishment to criminals and bypass the legal system entirely. Vigilantes and people taking the law into their own hands, getting vengeance, will become the norm. Shoot, shovel, and shutup will be the typical response.

This is why many of us feel little when events like this happen.