Friday, January 21, 2022

Monoclonal antibodies - a report from the field

So our doctor said to go get them.  Actually, she was kind of lukewarm on the subject - our Internet digging said that they may or may not handle the new variant, but the test doesn't tell you what you have and the doc said that it wouldn't do any harm.  So off we went.

Remember last fall when President Biden cut off monoclonal antibodies to Florida?  This looks like one of the many shoot-from-the-hip and then backtrack policies from this Keystone Kops administration.  You can get them, although we had to drive a bit.  There's actually a pretty nice web page to find the location nearest to you.

And so off we went.  It was the better part of an hour drive which wasn't too bad.  This was a pop-up clinic in a community center.  There were a bunch of folks there as walk-ins; we were glad that we made reservations.

The procedure can be given two ways - an infusion (The Queen Of The World got this) or a set of four injections (I got these thinking it would be quicker - it was, but they keep you for an hour after the procedure "just in case" so it really wan't).  Then we drove back.

A couple hours later I started feeling worse - not a ton worse, but I had felt like I was on the mend before and then I didn't.  Even today it feels like I took a step backwards, although this is pretty impressionistic.  TQOTW doesn't seem to be much different.

So, did it do any good?  Beats me.  What I think I learned from this is that all the panic porn has an effect - I'm kind of glad that I took TQOTW because she wasn't doing great - but this is an emotional side of me that has been manipulated for two years.  The logical side of me thinks that maybe it didn't do anything.

Your mileage may vary, void where prohibited, do not remove tag on penalty of law.  Oh, and the Biden Administration can suck it.  Thanks for nothing, guys, you vindictive pricks.

UPDATE 25 JANUARY 2022 13:10:  Aaaaand they're gone.  The FDA removed the Emergency Use Authorization for monoclonal antibodies in Florida.  Looks like it's the only State subject to this restriction.  I'm glad we got ours last week.  Man, the Democrats suck.

Let's go, Brandon!


LindaG said...

Praying for you all. God bless.

TommyG said...

I too had the monoclonal antibodies a day and a half later I learned that explosive diarrhea was one of the possible side affects.

Old NFO said...

Prayers for y'all for a complete and quick recovery!

danielbarger said...

Congratulations. The ONLY thing you actually accomplished by getting this "therapy" was to transfer $$$ from your pockets to the pockets of Big Pharma and the clinic.

Toirdhealbheach Beucail said...

Prayers up Borepatch. Hopefully you and TQOTW are on the mend.

Glen Filthie said...

HAR HAR HAR!!! Welp…good for you guys, I guess!

Of course you know that when all you limp wristed faggots turn into genetically mutated, puss oozing zombies from Umbrella Corp’s ghastly ‘vaccine’… I guess it’ll be up to me and Aesop to save the world!

Chris Nelson said...

There are treatment protocols that do a much better job than monoclonal antibodies. Some simple research can find the best ones, but you may have to scrounge to find the some ingredients. (You can thank the corrupt government for that...)

The nice benefit is these protocols also work against the flu and colds.

I have heard that monoclonal antibodies are not advised for those that have submitted to the clot shot.


You and Aesop have been jawing about saving the world for the last 10 years.

Let us know when y'all finish breakfast and start dumping the tea into the harbor. :P


Borepatch said...

Glen, neither TQOTW nor I got the vaxx. It was interesting that all the docs and nurses have asked us whether we got it, and didn't even look sideways at us when we said we hadn't. Florida, amirite?

Glen Filthie said...

So… What an I gonna do with all this Hornady Zombie ammo I bought?

Fricken anti-vaxxers!!! 🤬

Well I suppose there’s always ASM… has he turned yet? 😉

Joseph said...

Possible reason TQOTW is doing better - the additional hydration from infusion vs. injections. It can be hard to stay hydrated with colds, flus or COVID. When I had COVID alpha the last thing I wanted to do was eat or drink because I had to get up to do it. And dehydration makes all the symptoms of COVID worse, especially the fatigue. Mind your urine color.

Borepatch said...

Glen, the first step is to admit that you bought the Hornady anti-zombie loads ...

Outlier said...

If you are thinking about getting MCA then I recommend you watch this interview of Dr. Carrie Madej. She explains how MCA have fetal and mouse DNA in them.

Ruth said...

I got them when I got sick, my husband didn't. I was definitely feeling better the next day and my "flu miserable" day count was shorter than my husband's. But I got sick solidly during the Delta wave so who knows.

Wayne said...

“Stupid is as stupid does”. Forrest’s mama was thinking of you,