Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Weird battle day

May 5th is the anniversary of two strange battles.  

1862 saw the French defeated by the Mexicans at Puebla.  What's strange is that the French went on to defeat the Mexicans, with "Emperor" Maximilian seizing control of most of that country for the next several years.  For some (strange) reason, Americans (not Mexicans) celebrate this day.  Me, I think it's the marketing department at Corona Brewing that's behind it all.

In 1945, the Battle of Castle Itter saw US GIs and Wehrmacht soldiers fighting on the same side - the only time this happened in the entire war.  All in all, I expect the GIs would rather have had a frosty Corona ...

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Cosda said...

Just finished reading The Last Battle by Stephen Harding which tells the story surrounding Itter Castle.