Wednesday, May 26, 2021

New ATF "Ghost Gun" 80% lower rule makes NERF guns into 80% lowers


You can follow his series of tweets here.  Whatever you do, don't tell the nominee for ATF director.  He likes to go after kids.

Pro tip for the ATF and liberals (but I repeat myself): governmenting is hard, amirite?



The Freeholder said...

If they push this through, I wonder if there will be an amnesty period? If there is, I'm going to buy up a bunch of cheap toys and register them. So should everyone else. Blow up the system.

Beans said...

The Freeholder - no amnesty at all, just like bump stocks, flip up arm pad thingies, and just about every other 'regulation' that they've discovered or created.

BAFTFE - making the incompetents at the IRS look... competent.

SiGraybeard said...

In the prologue to the proposed rules, they claim they want to clarify what "readily" means; is in "readily converted to fire a projectile." They do nothing of the sort. All they do is give us a decision matrix or what things go into determining that something is readily convertible. Then they present a bunch of court cases that have ruled anything from five minutes with no mention of tools to an eight-hour working day in a properly equipped machine shop. Of course, tools don't run themselves (no, not even CNC tools if you have to program them), so those are not street hoods who can barely run a portable drill.

If you can get something coherent out of that, you're better than I am.

Swede said...

I'll buy a dozen just so I can make money when they offer buyback programs!