Sunday, May 23, 2021

Otto Klemperer - Symphony No.2

Co-blogger ASM826 posts about the pogroms against the Jews in this country. He writes:
Get out of New York. Find a state where you can carry means of self defense.
We've seen this before.  Otto Klemperer was born in the Imperial Reich and fled the Third, as their anti-jewish ideology metastasized.   Friends with Gustav Mahler, his reputation was such that when he fled with his family to the United States he became the conductor of the Los Angeles Philharmonic where his son Werner began his acting career*.

Klemperer followed ASM826's advice, and the United States benefited from his talents - and Germany lost them.  Jews in New York and other liberal States can follow Klemperer's example, or they can wait for the coming Kristalnacht.

Klemperer was known for his conducting but composed a number of original works, including this symphony.

* He was best known for his role as Col. Klink in Hogan's Heroes.


libertyman said...

An amazing talent. Werner Klemperer was also talented musically as I recall. Too bad in a way that his role in Hogan's Heroes is his best known.

danielbarger said...

Werner Klemperer was Otto's son.....

Unknown said...

Otto Klemperer was an intense guy. He conducted Beethoven symphonies faster than anyone else I've heard.

- Don in Oregon