Thursday, July 23, 2020

The Internet Movie Firearms Database

I hadn't known it was a thing, but they have a ton of movie firearms on display.  It's searchable, like IBDB.

I was able to look up the custom SIG P232 from RED 2.  The Queen Of The World wants one like this.

Yeah, yeah - Hollywood doesn't portray guns realistically, yadda yadda yadda.  This is a fun site to go wander through.


Unknown said...

Congradulations! You're one of today's lucky 10,000!

The IMFDB is one of our most often used resources during Saturday Movie Night at the Battleswarm Compound. We were able to use it a few weeks ago to determine that one of the guns featured in the movie we were watching was also being carried at the time by one of the attendees, which was a first for us.

And in case you weren't aware, there's also The Internet Movie Cars Database and The Internet Movie Planes Database.


Unknown said...

It’s good, I’ll grant, but still lacks the Rory Calhoun western that sparked my lifelong interest in firearms, even after I tried to inform them. Oh, well... I know, and that’s what counts.

John of the GMA

Miguel GFZ said...

Another fan of IMFDB here. You want to have fun? Compare firearms in Hollywood before and after Miami Vice. Crockets' Bren 10 (1st season) was not even 2 years old at time of production. Michael Mann is a serious gun fan.

Raptor said...

Just FYI, find her a SIG P232 that was manufactured before the year 2012. I owned one that was made that year, and that the year when SIG's QC took a major dump. They had a number (relatively small, but significant) of P232 frames go out the door where the two holes for the takedown block pin were slightly out of alignment, just enough so that the pin will shear every couple hundred rounds or so (depending on how hot the ammo you're running is) making it impossible to disassemble the pistol and causing the takedown lever to rotate freely to the point were it can interfere with the slide during recoil.

jwl said...

Yup, it's a great resource.

Saves a lot of time in the household pausing the movie, walking up to the flatscreen, and trying to figure out what something is. (I love it that my wife does that more than I do, actually...)

Randall said...

Went to the website and my virus program, MalwareBytes, starts flagging me constantly. FYI.

Will said...

"Waterworld" had two G18 Glocks available from the rental firm, although I'm not sure if both were on screen together. I was told by the firm that there were only 30 of them in the country then. These were the original non-ported version.
I really liked shooting it. Fits in any holster for a G17. Very controllable.
They also had the Beretta 93R from the movie "Broken Arrow" (Travolta?), but Beretta hung a folding handle under the dust cover, which actually made full auto accuracy less than optimum, and kept it from fitting into any normal holster. Getting that handle deployed was nerve wracking, as you are putting your hand very close to the muzzle. Stupid design added to a good gun. Fail.

Richard said...

@Miguel Absolutely right about Miami Vice although I think the promiscuous use of full auto was more important than the Bren 10. Supposedly that is where Bill Bennett got the idea for Bush I's import ban.

@Will The G18 is fun. Much to my surprise, I found it easy to control as long as you didn't dump a whole mag. Trigger was pretty easy to get a 3 shot burst with.

Will said...


My favorite select-fire weapon, closely followed by the H&K MP5k-PDW. My preference for the G18 is the fact it is so easy to carry in a holster. The slide lever settings of "normal" and "crowd control" would be comforting in the increasingly crazy streets of the US. The sound of full-auto does tend to motivate people to run away from it! That MP5 has a shoulder rig available, but it's not what I would term easily concealable, at least for those of us much smaller than Ahnold.

Richard said...

@Will Given the unavailability of the G18 and the H&K to normal people, someone has invented a car horn that mimics full auto fire. Ripoff of the roach coaches, I suppose. I saw a video of it in use somewhere in Latin America. I have no idea as to its legality here. Depends on whether your DA is a Soros bot, probably.