Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Congratulations to Aesop

His hit counter just rolled over 7,000,000.  Go leave him some commenty love.


McChuck said...

Borepatch is really interesting, except on the topic of the Panicdemic.
None so blind as those who just won't see.

Borepatch said...

McChuck, did you mean Aesop?

Aesop said...

Probably he did.

Sorry I can't drink the Black Helicopter Chemtrail Kung Flu Koolaid, but several nights a a week for going on two months I'm getting my ass kicked at work by all those patients caused by the Kung Flu pandemic we aren't having. I had three last night, one of whom died between his home and the ER in the ambulance. It took over an hour for him to die and stay dead. I'm sure he was really killed by a motorcycle, or a drug shooting but we just put down that he'd been diagnosed with COVID a few days ago to fool the rubes out in flyoverland, like we do. (/sarc)

It's pretty hard to listen to the "just the flu, bro"s when every other shift I'm zipping another 40-50 year old into his last sleeping bag, and tying a tag to his toe, but I ask you, do I believe what I read on the right-wing whacktard sites about how this isn't really happening, or just listen to my own lying eyes??

Quite the poser there.

If anyone lives where COVID isn't a big deal, enjoy it while it lasts.
No, really, please do.
But get back to me in a few weeks or months and regale me with tales of it's a hoax.
I can use the comedy relief.