Monday, July 13, 2020

Perspective on the Kung Flu

Al Fin has a very interesting chart up:

I want to highlight a few data points from the bottom part of the chart.  A comparison to the Black Death or Smallpox is ridiculous so the interesting stuff in in the bottom two rows.  Specifically Swine Flu (ten years ago, killed twice as many people as the Kung Flu has), the Hong Kong Flu (fifty years ago, killed ten times as many people as the Kung Flu has), and the Asian Flu (sixty years ago, killed ten times as many people as the Kung Flu has).

All of these occurred within my lifetime; the first occurred during the Obama Administration.  There was no panic, no wearing masks everywhere, no closing beaches and churches, no wrecking the economy.

So what changed in ten years?  Hmmmmmm.


ProudHillbilly said...

My problem with the chart is that they are comparing COVID numbers from JUST the US to numbers that encompass multiple nations.

Beans said...

It's not about disease control. It's about mind control.

My wife, wonderful person that she is, falls prey to the reporting numbers fallacy. And gets peeved when I point out the fallacies. So about every 3 days I have to dig out the information that the CDC is lying and counting every positive test as a new case, the tests still toss too many false positives, and of course the number of new positives is increasing as the number of new tests is increasing.

I have learned not to, after stating my fact-based position, to not end with actually verbalizing the 'Duh' that is running through my head on the way out my mouth. So far I've been successful.

I have finally got her looking at articles from the height of the 'crisis' where the media were telling us morgues were full up (some were, because they weren't allowed to transfer bodies because funeral homes were closed...) and ICUs were full up (but they weren't.)

And I have to remind her that in 2002, the 'seasonal flu' was hospitalizing and killing so many old people that when her gall bladder decided to go marxist and try to kill the host, she spent 2 1/2 days in the hallway of the ER waiting for a room, and this was with her running 102-104 temps, massive amounts of IV meds and the whole circus of machines. In the hallway. Plugged into a circuit usually used for cleaning equipment.

Seriously, the 2002 seasonal flu was much worse than the Covidiocracy. Much much worse. The Grim Reaper was pruning old people like it was harvest time at an apple orchard.

As to what Proud Hillbilly said, yeah, the numbers don't match up. But, on the other hand, the numbers from most nations, including the US, are so false and manipulated as to practically be not useful. If we extrapolate from South Korea, Japan, the Flu Cruise and the Teddy Roosevelt, the overall numbers are not bad at all.

Waiting for the Feds to lay murder charges on Governors and Mayors that forced sick people into nursing homes, thus killing more people at nursing homes. Waiting, waiting, waiting...

Old NFO said...

Interesting questions, and nicely presented facts. Of course that goes against the current 'agenda' of the left, so will be discounted... sigh

Jeff B said...

Those numbers are dated, and current data is suspect at best, however...

Johns Hopkins' Covid-19 Dashboard

has the US with 135,295 deaths from Covid (as of 11:15 Mountain Daylight time, 13 July).

According to Wikipedia page on 2009 Swing Flu Pandemic in the United States

The CDC estimates 12,469 deaths from Swine Flu.

I'm willing to allow that the data (especially on Covid-19) is suspect and that the CDC hasn't exactly covered itself with glory and integrity lately, and that the numbers may not be accurate, but by a factor of 10? I'll need some convincing to believe they are off by THAT much.


Jeff B

Matt W said...

Has there been any extensive coverage of the lack of positive cases and deaths in China? Can we really be expected to believe the the origin country with population and population densities far in excess of the US only has 85,000 positive cases and only 4,600 deaths?

Glen Filthie said...

What's changed?

I think the big thing is that everything is politicized now, and we are caught in a purity spiral where everything must be used to signal your virtue. Statues are racist. Your sportzball team has an offensive name. Men that use razors must be reminded not to rape. You cannot be white and watch football without your nose being rubbed in racism. The Chinkypox gives first responders, politicos, and other turds to pose as noble victims and heroic defenders of public safety. It juices the ratings and readership of the mainstream media slobs.

Unknown said...

Toilet paper. We ran out of toilet paper.

Will said...


They lied. That is one of the defining characteristics of communists, since forever.

The Wuhan district had a crematory capacity of 4200/24hr capacity*, and they were building multiple, bigger, facilities as fast as they could.

*7 units with 600/day cap.