Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Your must-read post of the day

It's over at Aesop's.  Go.  Read.

Plus (because he hasn't spent his entire career in healthcare, but in film and audio as well) you have a great film clip and a great song to illustrate his post.  Which is 100% correct.

He and I have been jousting over the quality of the CDC virus database (and quite frankly, nobody wins that, at least for 3-4 weeks or more).  But he is one wicked smaht bastid, and you should go get you there for this post.  And probably his others which - while I probably don't agree 100% on all of them - are all wicked smaht.

And oh by the way, Aesop - I wouldn't mind being a Rooftop Korean with you, if it came down to it.  I'm not the world's best shot, but I can ring the gong all day at 200 yards with my Enfield ...

And in the spirit of his posts, and describing what he's talking about, here's John Mellencamp bringing the Coronavirus situation home:

And even though I like to try to keep this place rated PG, this is indisputable:


Aesop said...

D'accord, mon ami.

I'd be suspicious of anyone who agreed with 100% of what I post (unless you're female, blonde, available, 21-45, and in the acceptable zones of not crazy, in a Dana McLendon sort of way - -, leave contact info) 100% of the time.

I never said body counts were the most important thing in this. In fact, just the opposite. (Remember, over a long enough time frame, all medical treatment has a 0% success rate.)

If some people would stop responding to the political dog whistles they alone hear, they could start paying attention to what's coming up in their windshields, bigger by the minute.

The life you knew as recently as January of this year is gone.
Things aren't going to go back to what they were before, and the sooner people quit flailing against that current and stop wishful thinking it's otherwise, the sooner they can get out of the riptide, and start paddling back to the beach.

For some folks - rather a lot, really - it's never coming back; and for most of us, most of it's going to be gone for a long, long time.
And that's just the parts we can see.

McChuck said...

Some actual data from the People's Democratic Republic of Maryland. (Not including my own son's recent COVID illness. He was never tested because he's young and was unlikely to need hospital care, thus a waste of valuable testing resources. The singular of data is anecdote.)


Got room for another? (Just don't mind the kippa.)

I'm not the world's greatest shot but I can keep people pinned down. And - per the misses - I'm a sneaky bahstahd who can think multiple steps out.

(E.g., the MOMENT I heard about a "novel new virus" in China I started buying antibiotics - because I know they mostly come from China. Note that at the time there were no real fatalities and we were being assured by the *cough cough* best and brightest this was nothing to worry about.)

Old NFO said...

I'll take overwatch...

KDKong said...

This info was posted at Sacred Cow Slaughterhouse over a month ago. That was when Aesop was saying that anyone who was concerned about the economy or their constitutional rights wanted genocide. So now the economic disaster is more important than the body count?

"How many people are you willing to kill? Where's the line in the sand where we finally hit too many dead?
Is it one? Or shall we just leap straight to mass murder?" to "we wander over to the crystal ball for a bit to look at some potential and probable casualties rather more important than even the 70K+ people (and counting) that'll never be going anywhere but the cemetery from here on out."