Thursday, April 23, 2020

The shutdown is not about protecting people's health

Sure, that's how it was sold to the public, but that isn't how it's being used.  The Queen Of The World saw this on the Book of Faces, and it is so dead on target that I'm posting it here:
When the State tells you it's safe to go to Home Depot to buy a sponge but dangerous to go and buy a flower, it's not about your health. 
When the State shuts down millions of private businesses but doesn’t lay off a single government employee, it's not about your health. 
When the State bans dentists because its unsafe, but deems abortion visits are safe, it's not about your health. 
When the State prevents you from buying cucumber seeds because it's dangerous, but allows in person lottery ticket sales, it's not about your health. 
When the State tells you it's dangerous to go golf alone, fish alone or be in a motor boat alone, but the Governor can get his stage make up done, and hair done for 5 TV appearances a week, it's not about your health. 
When the state puts you IN a jail cell for walking in a park with your child because it’s too dangerous, but let’s criminals OUT of jail cells for their health- It’s not about YOUR health! 
When the state tells you it’s too dangerous to get treated by a doctor of chiropractic or physical therapy treatments yet deems a liquor store essential- It’s not about your health! 
When the State lets you go to the grocery store or hardware store but is demanding mail-in voting, ITS NOT ABOUT YOUR HEALTH. 
It's not about your health.  It's about the exercise of power by the State.

I don't think that I'm the only one who thinks this; the wave of protests we're seeing across the country are likely driven by this recognition.

And can we pretty please once and for all admit that "smart" public policy can't fix all problems if we just got the right Smart People® in power?

It's been a while since used the fascist post tag, but the last couple days I'm wearing it out ...


Old NFO said...

On the money!

Glen Filthie said...

I think our leaders hate us... and that they will soon be taking more active stances against us. Sooner, rather than later...

Goober said...

"It's not about your health. It's about the exercise of power by the State."

It's about both. Well meaning people are suggesting measures to try and control the spread of the disease, and as always, simultaneously, the power-elite are capitalizing on a very real crisis in order to consolidate and expand their power.

When this is all over, if they don't relinquish what they took, I'll be more concerned about it. But right now, I think we need to focus on the crisis at hand. The day of torches and pitchforks may come yet, but it isn't here now.

Weetabix said...

I've been of the opinion for several weeks that TPTB at every level have embraced Rahm Emanuel's sentiment.

They're not letting this crisis go to waste - they're experimenting to see just how much oppression they can get away with.

Divemedic said...

Keep in mind that all of the criminals in jail couldn't vote- but now that they are out, they can. Even better, every person arrested for violating the stay at home order can't vote while in jail. Isn't THAT convenient?

Eck! said...

I do agree our leaders, least most of them, do hate us..

The rest I think there is a great amount of stupidity
out there. Most of it irrational.


Without farcebook and other concentrated stupid media sites
the bloggers mostly see a things that are either echoes or
more local to their government

Things here in Mass seem to have a degree of rational sense
to them. We can buy seeds if you can find them and boat
and fish though eating the fish is still not advised due to pollution.

Letting criminals out for their health doesn't fly for me.
Mostly because they are already exposed and will bring it
to the community if its not there already.

All elective procedures are not banned but likely to be
postponed based on need by the docs here as they are
sorta busy. Same for dentists, emergencies however
get faster than usual appointments.

Fortunately the death rate is not running away and local
are far from peak yet. They are concerning. Being as the
number of tested is still very low relative to the population
(under .2%) and the number having postive are doubling every
4-5 days and the deaths attributed are doubling about the
same rate. I have enough local connections to know the
numbers are not BS at least for the town and likely very
good for the county. Still the sample is way too small
and too focused on hot spots.

I still feel some of the "governors" require close watching
for signs they are felling powerful urges that a rope, rail.
tar, and feathers would best be applied to.


Aaron said...

Now the state has realized, rather belatedly, that they've shut down the golden goose. The loss of tax revenue form shutting down business is starting to cause governments to have layoff and furlough workers.

Expect those who were smugly mocking the protestors (who were demanding to be allowed to work smartly and safely) to start changing their tune now that their livelihoods are on the line.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Someone asked me online, "Well, what do you think the government should do in the face of a pandemic?"
To which I replied, "It's good to figure that out before we get one. But a) We don't have one, and b) It shouldn't be this!

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised it's taken this long for most people to question the logic of being able to go to the supermarket, but not to go out of your house. They're brainwashed and don't think for themselves.
I think it's taken this long for the doubters to rise to the occasion because we were all told there was going to be a massive die off, yet that never happened. Still waiting.
Maybe by the end of the month? I'm sure all the doomer bloggers out there are salivating at the prospect.

Here's a recent video by an actual respiratory therapist:

There's going to be a ton of these videos in the next couple of weeks.

Borepatch said...

We are starting to see more widespread population testing (New York State just did a State-wide sample of hundreds of thousands of people). Virus antibodies are much more widespread than previously thought (>30%). What will slow/stop this thing is herd immunity, and there's some hope that we'll get there much faster than anticipated.

It also drives the CFR *way* down. We may be looking at a bad Flu year (e.g. 2017) or a little worse.

My opinion on reopening is that the metric that makes sense to track is virus ICU beds. If that stays manageable as we start opening up then open up a little more. Baby steps, but if a couple weeks doesn't show a big increase in virus ICU beds then open up some more. We will either get completely open (except for high risk, like Nursing homes) or we'll stop opening up.

But if the rationale was to protect the health care system, this seem like the right way to measure that.

Your mileage may vary, void where prohibited, do not remove tag under penalty of law.

Eric Wilner said...

The sumptuary edicts aren't about public health; they're about public morals. And it's ever so easy to enlist the Church Ladies (pepperpots, Karens, soyboys) to help with enforcement.

Eck! said...


Interesting that the all sites I checked for that only said 21.2%
not "(>30%)". I could not find any that said more than that.

Sorta highlights the problem of getting accurate and timely information.

The problem is none confirm that that is actually resistance or valid immunity or just the bug was had. IF its immunity we need to be well
above 80% if herd immunity is to be effective. But its something.


Borepatch said...

Eck!, you're kind of making my point - we're not sure about a lot of the data but we're starting to see patterns.

Richard said...

We are seeing is the combination of decentralized decision making (aka Federalism) and widespread dissemination of information about same. Much of the post was about Michigan, though other places have replicated pieces of that. Michigan probably wins the prize for having the most lunatic governor in the US. Other places are saner. Here in NV, also with a Democrat governor, we can go to the dentist or any number of assorted health care providers. Elective surgery is shut down though this seems to be a function of PPE shortages which in turns links back to decisions made years ago by assorted public and private sector globalists. Pot shops are open but only for drive-by. Gun stores are theoretically closed but on the ground are open, at least in my town. Perhaps even in Vegas since the city (totally Democrat) is resisting the shutdown order.

Other governors (CO and TX come to mind) are doing phased reopening a la the Trump guidelines. Some other states, on both coasts, are pretending to do this but have attached more or less impossible conditions about testing etc.
Some other places are just reopening and some never closed.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure this is just the beginning of more health professionals coming out with the truth.
Note also the anti body test results out of NYC this morning.
Every day that goes by this gets worse and worse for the doom & gloom crowd.
We should be following Sweden's example.

Aesop said...

The New York Survey is full of more holes than Swiss cheese.
I've already fisked it.
It's possibly a great look at infection rates of people breaking stay-at-home orders in and around NYFC, but it's skewed heavily towards that region, and counts no one staying inside because they're at risk.
("Statistically invalid" = "total b.s.")
NYFC may indeed have 20% antibody rates, but the rate drops drastically, to less than 4%, in the rest of the state.
And even granting that the test is accurate, valid, and correct (which are all yuuuuuuuge IFs), that still leaves 80% of people in NYFC, and 96% of the rest of the state, completely vulnerable to the same infection and death absolute numbers (screw the CFR) as experienced in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Staten Island, which had them stacking bodies in freezer trucks, and surpassed the numbers of dead in all but 5 other countries, by one city.

Worst case is 24X as many casualties in the state, and 4X more in NYFC. On top of 4K and 16K dead already, respectively. That tops out at around 192K, which for perspective, is more than the number of all U.S. military deaths in every conflict after WWII, combined. Possibly by Labor Day. From just NY state.

We have to do something, but just going slow, by itself, isn't going to cut it, other than to kill some increased number from 0-worst case all year long. There has to be a better way through this than sawing a given number of people in half with a dull rusty saw.

We've already seen, in NYFC, what this thing does left to its own devices. I don't think anyone wants more of that, so let's not adopt that head-in-the-sand method of (not) dealing with it.

How about doing everything possible other than just lockdowns to mitigate that from happening everywhere from here on out?
Testing everyone, full universal and correct use of PPE, actual no-sh*t quarantine of the infected, rather than the healthy, decon of everything possible, etc.?
Let's try that, and anything else we can think of, and see if we can hem this bitch in, rather than spread it everywhere, but slowly.

That, I can get behind unreservedly, and none of it's stupid, nor requires waiting for a vaccine or treatment that at this point is total vaporware.

Peter B said...

@Aesop: When will universal testing be available? We kinda need that for that actual quarantine of the infected.

When will we get universal antibody testing? Should people with negative PCR and positive antibodies get a tamper proof laissez passer linked to their individual unique federal ID number, with access to the linked medical records available for all LEOs?

Quantities of masks that will permit "full universal and correct use of PPE"? As if. We've been teaching kids how to use condoms for years with many repetitions per kid and use of that PPE is neither full, nor universal, nor universally correct.

Should we also quarantine of all elderly and immunocompromised patients? Because sooner or later there are going to be multiple variants of SARS-CoV-2 running around, just like there are multiple flu strains circulating even though COVID-19 illness isn't just like flu. Or is the least bad outcome just that the elderly and immunocompromised encounter this thing in dribs and drabs, rather than in one NYFC scale mass death event?

Anonymous said...

Being that thing is already all over the country, and has been since December, why are we doing what we're doing?
It doesn't make any sense. Most people that get this will not die, that is already proven. So why are we treating this like ebola?
PPE does little to mitigate the effects, as most using it don't know how to use it, and what about herd immunity?
Look at the Swedes and Norwegians. If this was worse than the regular flu, why aren't tens of thousands of people dying over there right now?
I've given myself and my family until the end of the month to go along with this quarantine and isolation from others on the street to be respectful of others, but after that I'm back to shaking hands and life as normal. The odds are we've already had this thing and shown few to no symptoms.
To the persistent scaremongers out there, once this thing passes, your opinions will carry no weight whatsoever. You'll be the idiots in the crowd. And disregarding meaningful discourse will come back to haunt you.

HMS Defiant said...

I'm always willing to go out of my way to avoid "the state". It's part of the 'rules'. Know the boundaries so you can hide when your over the border.

Aesop said...

If you don't do universal testing, you're wearing a meat suit in a tiger cage. Suture self.

Nothing requires federal tracking of every swinging Richard. That'd be 1984 levels of asinine. As it was designed to be.

People that boot PPE use will end up infectious in quarantine lockdowns, and deserve what happens afterwards.
The asymptomatic carrier Typhoid Marys are what's been driving this bus since Day One. Just like Mary, they need to be locked up.

I'm going with least-bad outcomes, rather than trying to (impossibly) maintain vulnerable pops indefinitely under lockdown. Someone has to feed them, water them, and turn them towards the light, and that's just as problematic as "least-bad".

And this isn't "everywhere", because even in the NYFC Extreme Hot Zone, with daily subway use, and NYFC levels of thik skull stupidity, it's only penetrated, using recockulous methodology and dubious testing, to about 20%. Meaning 80% remain unexposed. Most of the country is at 0-4%.

NYFC is what you get with no sensible measures.
Wyoming is what you get with even a half-ass lockdown.
The entire health care system, including ER and ICU, is coping with this with masks and gloves. With minimal impact.
A 10% Gilligan rate is inevitable, even among them.
I think we can thread the needle between "no" (ER/ICU)and "few" (WY) cases (with which we can cope), without going all the way to "rampant"(NYFC).
We deserve to give it a try.

Perfection is not an achievable standard.
Change my mind.

It seems a helluva lot better than endless quarantine, or just walking into the propeller facefirst to let this "just burn itself through everyone", and rack up a few million dead.

And if TPTB try to do this without universal testing, and don't hard-quarantine the infected/infectious?
It's NYFC, over and over and over and over and over...

Peter B said...

@Aesop, absolutely we need universal testing. "When do you think we can do universal testing?" wasn't a rhetorical question. My impression is that you may know more about the testing supply chain than I do.

There are some accidental experiments which maybe ought to get looked at more closely. I think about 80% of the people on the Diamond Princess were NOT infected, but in that Ohio prison it's somewhere over 70%.

Would it be worth investigating the uninfected people, especially from the prisons but also the Princess from those and similar populations? Starting maybe with Antibodies to SARS-CoV-2? Other coronaviruses?

Aesop said...

I don't have any inside info there.

My place is still doing nasal swab sendouts, with a 24-120 hr(!) turnaround.
L.A. county and USNS Mercy are apparently doing 15-minute POC tests.

The rapid Point Of Care tests need to become the standard.
Waiting 1-5 days doesn't cut it.

McChuck said...

@Aesop -
Here in Midwestia, we have our choice of 5, 15, and 90 minute tests. All of which are more accurate than the CDC approved, "Send it in, and we'll get back to you eventually" tests.

red said...

Russel Means told America about the dem party, Welcome to POW camp 334, which is the official designation of Pine Ride rez. Now, he said, America is a POW camp.
Want to see what's next? Watch the Hunger Games. Normal people forced to live on a reservation while neoliberals rule. Me, I grew up American Indian in a very liberal state, and like Means, I have the scars on my body to prove it. If you meet an apple (red on the outside, rotten to a liberal core) remind them to use a letter when blaming America for our troubles. that letter is almost always D, for Democrat.

Anonymous said...

More actual Doctors coming out with common sense.

I've stopped listening to the pretend doctor fearmongers, and I think everyone else should too.
If you're not a real Doctor, STFU and start listening to the professionals. Please.
The real numbers do not lie.

Aesop said...

Only 1900 more dead since yesterday.
It's just the flu.

Divemedic said...

I am not saying it's the flu. In fact, I have been arguing the opposite because I know better. However, you have to admit that the numbers are a mess, with various government agencies padding the numbers. All of the data we have at this point is garbage because it has been manipulated.

Orange county, Florida recently admitted that they are not tracking hospital discharges or COVID recoveries. All they are tracking is admissions, test results, and deaths. Even then, NY is also adding deaths that were never even tested for COVID as "presumed COVID deaths" because, they claim, had the hospital not been full of COVID patients, those people would not have died.

That is a bit speculative, don't you think?

Rick C said...

"Only 1900 more dead since yesterday.
It's just the flu."

Only a million people lost their jobs yesterday.

Aesop said...

That's okay. 1,985 more of them died yesterday too, so it's really only another 1,998,015 out of work.

At this rate, the lines will cross by Labor Day, and everybody not dead by then will be unemployed.

As far as I can tell, that was the whole point all along.

Anonymous said...

Oh, look!
Another (real) Doctor with some real numbers.

Interesting numbers from NYC.
“Death Rate:
Under 18 years old: zero and (0 per 100,000 in the population)
18 to 45 years old: 0.01 percent (11 per 100,000 in the population)
75 and over: 0.80 percent (death rate is 80 times that of 18 to 45 years old)

Of all fatal cases in New York State:
Over 70 years of age: 2/3 of all deaths
Over 50 years of age: 95 percent

Underlying illness: 90 percent

Of 6,570 confirmed COVID-19 deaths fully investigated for underlying conditions to date:
6,520, or 99.2 percent, had an underlying illness.”
End quote.

Underlying illness. Read that again. That all but proves the death number includes co-morbidities. They're counting cancer and other life ending conditions as cause of death, which has never been done in medicine before. Someone with cancer got the flu and died it was not the flu that killed him.

Like I have been saying for about a week, more Doctors and medical professionals are starting to come out of the woodwork. Those that haven't yet are most likely worried about pissing off administration and losing their jobs, if they haven't already been furloughed because there isn't a real need for them right now.

When the truth about this comes out, I hope the perpetrators of this Feardemic get a reckoning. They've ruined countless lives.

Divemedic said...

Were you aware that COVID causes coagulopathies? Do you know why that is important to people with preexisting conditions like DVT, cardiac history, or history of stroke or diabetes?

It also causes DKA and HHS in diabetics.

COVID also causes people to be sitting up and talking while having an SaO2 of only 76. Can you explain why this is related to those same conditions?

So when a person dies of a heart attack or stroke, and they are positive for COVID, can you explain how the two are NOT related?

This doctor you are quoting is not a respiratory doctor, he is a radiologist. He reads Xrays or brains for a living. He knows as much about COVID as a proctologist would.

Borepatch said...

Aesop, remember the rationale for the shutdown was to protect the health care system. It's been protected to the point that a bunch of doctors and nurses are laid off and people are talking about hospitals going bankrupt. No doubt the government will "fix" this by nationalizing them ...

As I've said before, the metric should not be deaths, it should be number of unused ICU beds. We should gradually reopen while monitoring this.

The deal was that we would protect the health care system, not keep everyone from keeling over.

Anonymous said...


Aren't coagulopathies extremely rare? That's haemophilia, right? And does CV-19 affect haemophiliacs any different than H1N1? If it does, by what magnitude?
Does this change the bigger picture? If this data from New York is accurate, this is no more virulent than the regular flu.
The primary cause of death is NOT CV-19. They would not have died from CV-19 on it's own, but would have died from heart disease/heart attack/stroke or dozens of other co-morbidities on their own. Blaming CV-19 doesn't make sense, and contradicts the last many centuries of medical practice.

Something doesn't add up here. We all have to admit that. This is not a normal response to this. We now have much more data than we did two months ago, which has changed the entire landscape. Anyone still clinging to their early March hypotheses are burying their head in the sand. Things have changed, the data has changed, and will continue to change.

What about Sweden and Norway? None of the doomers seem to want to talk about that. Weird.

The fear mongers will not listen to the new data coming out, and they've painted themselves into a corner with their dire predictions. They cannot admit they might have been wrong. My opinions on this pandemic have evolved over the course of the last few weeks because the data has been changing. Anyone that cannot seek truth is a fool.

Proverbs 26:1-18,20-2
"..There’s only one thing worse than a fool, and that’s the smug, conceited man always in love with his own opinions..."

Divemedic said...

Ned: This is why people who don't know what they are talking about should just stay in their lane. We told doctors that about gun laws last year, and now every gun owner is running around bloviating on medicine and epidemiology.

"Aren't coagulopathies extremely rare? That's haemophilia, right?"
Yes, they are. No, it isn't. What is happening here is that COVID patients are having blood clots. Blood clots cause heart attacks and strokes, especially in people who have already had one or at higher risk for having one. That is why heart attacks are being attributed to COVID. Yeah, the patient may have died of a heart attack SOMEDAY, but COVID made it happen early, sometimes years early.

Similarly, diabetics oftern go into HHS or DKA due to COVID.

It's like a car accident. You are in an accident. You are killed because your aorta was torn in half when you collided with the dashboard. You cause of death was exsanguination. The mechanism was an auto accident.

So another patient dies and the patient's cause of death was cardiac arrest secondary to myocardial infarction caused by coagulopathy. The coagulopathy was initiated by COVID.

There are often many factors that play into the COD on a patient.

My son is working in NYC. I have never heard of the flu filling up a hospital with patients on ventilators. I have talked to my son, who is actually on the ground in NYC. He has told me stories of personally carrying bodies to the refrigerated trailer.

Borepatch said...

Divemedic, I'm not a medical expert, but as I've repeatedly said the deal was to shutdown the country to keep the medical system from getting overloaded and collapsing. Even in New York City, the Javits Center pop-up hospital is empty and the hospital ship left because there were no patients for them to treat.

It doesn't take any medical training to recognize that we've accomplished what we set out to do and that it's time to re-open the economy. If the Powers That Be want a new deal then they should have to explain what the deal is and why it's needed.

Divemedic said...

Borepatch: I fully agree with you that the time has come to reopen the country. I just get bothered by people who come up with stupid conspiracy theories. Gun owners laugh at people who don't know the difference between a shoulder thing that goes up, a clip, or a machine gun. Well, many gun owners are now doing the same thing.

Instead of inventing conspiracies, why not make the case that you made above, and say that we have successfully flattened the curve, and damaging the economy more than it already is, is counterproductive?

Anonymous said...

With all due respect, there are also lots of "stories" coming out of NYC where hospitals are empty. The hospital ship left NY because it wasn't needed, they only had 179 patients on board of which 20% tested positive for Covid-19.
I don't know how many "deaths" there were aboard.
There are so many conflicting reports out there it's hard to figure out what's going on, but as every day goes by this is looking more and more like a clown show.
Show me the numbers. It's impossible to do that, as all numbers touted by the .gov have been called into question. All we have is theory, and evolving data from non government sources. I'm leaning toward trusting private data over government data at this point.

We'll see more with every day that goes by.

Aesop said...

1) The purpose of the hospital ship was to treat non-Kung Flu patients, not COVID-19 patients. (I also pointed out this was impossible, and going to bite the Navy in the ass. 2 for 2.).
2) Anyone who keeps throwing out the word "co-morbidities" should probably look it up. As Inigo Montoya pointed out, "I do not think it means what you think it means."
Anyone who thinks it means "alternate cause of death" should beat themselves over the head with a broomhandle until they get it right.
3) There is no "private data" and "government" data.
There is actual data also called reality; and there is crap.
All of the surveys pedaled so far are pure crap.
They're crap statistically, and they're crap medically.
And they're using crap tests.
This is why they draw crap conclusions.
4) The media, being unable to tell the difference between sh*t and Shineola, parrots all of them until someone finally pulls them aside, and clues them in. Then they act as if they knew they were touting b.s. all along.
5) Yes, Borepatch, the idea was to spare the health care system from total collapse. it was also to slow things down, so we could get testing fixed. Unfortunately, we left government in charge of that, with predictable results.
So we still can't tell who's had it, because we don't know it the antibody tests are testing for SARS-CoV-19, or any coronavirus, including a cold.
We don't know it having antibodies, or even the full infection, confers and immunity going forward.
We have no wild idea how far and wide this has penetrated.
We have a rough (not precise) idea of how many have died, because some deaths are overcounted, and some are undercounted. But we' know they're all dead, so it's the least effed up metric available.
We also know that even if we assumed the best about the worst surveys every inflicted upon the nation, that between 80-96% of America have no exposure to this virus, so we can plan on casualties from turning people loose unilaterally at 4x-25X the current number of dead, which is about 54K today. We're due to blow right by Doofus Fauci's low-end 60K dead by Wednesday or so, still in the first two months of this thing, and while flattened, the death rate of about 2K/day seems to be holding steady in perpetuity. And we have 49 states itching to compete with NYFS for casualty king.
And yet, if we keep people out of work, there won't be anyone employed with insurance to keep the health care system open either, which kills it just as well as overwhelming it.

Aesop said...

I've laid out ideas for opening.
The president has laid out phases.
Both of those rely on testing, which we still don't have, and it's practically May, when this started the end of January.
At some point, it's time to start arresting and prosecuting people at CDC for criminal negligence, pour encourager les autres. Let them take their chances in federal court, with a jury of their pissed-off peers.
And as sure as God made little green apples, states saying "to hell with it" and treating this like it's imaginary, and following the NYFS "just live your lives and ignore this virus" plan, will get us 49 more states with NYFS casualty numbers. Just slower, and over a longer time frame.

We're not doing anything magic in the hospitals.
If people would use PPE properly, they could be at work just like hospital staff are. COVID doesn't crawl up the driveway at night and gang-rape anyone in their sleep. Wash your hands, wear a mask, wear your gloves and change them, and you'll never get the damned thing.

But schoolkids can't do that, and 10% of adults aren't bright enough to do it either. So I'm pretty sure the overall plan is just to kill as many people as possible, slowly, and leave the rest of us hungry, broke, and utterly dependent upon TPTB for everything, including work and food. And it's already dawned on the industrious evil ones, this is just the way to pull that off.

Like the gold heist amidst WWII in Kelly's Heroes, "it's the perfect crime."

A non-zero number of TPTB aren't letting a good crisis go to waste.
And idiots on our side are making it easier for them. Like both sides do.

Divemedic said...

I have already addressed the Navy ship being empty, both here and in my own blog. Dude, you are going to believe this is all a conspiracy because that is what you want to believe. Good luck to you, but frankly, this conversation has begun to bore me. I'm out.

McChuck said...

According to the histories, this season's flu+covid death rates don't quite add up to either of the flu seasons from 1998-1999 or 1999-2000. We didn't shut down the country and burn the Constitution then. Heck, it was barely reported on at all.

Aesop is right. This isn't the flu. It's a killer cold.

Ron Kaura said...

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